Thursday, 7 June 2012


White House refuses to reveal ties with Monsanto

Despite requests made under the Freedom of Information Act for correspondence out of the White House, the Obama administration is refusing to comply with calls to disclose discussions with Monsanto-linked lobbyists.

Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

More Knowledgeable Conservatives Are *Worse* on Global Warming

Look what happens to ideological conservatives as they get more 
scientific literacy :

Bloggers and commentators have been talking a lot lately about a recent study, by Dan Kahan and colleagues in Nature Climate Change, capturing what I call the “smart idiot” effect: Conservatives who are more educated, or have a higher degree of scientific literacy, are more strongly in denial (or less worried) about global warming.
Source: Desmogblog (

After all, you just know that many of these same conservatives will be thrilled to learn that the oil and gas companies in which they own stock are acquiring new reserves in the Arctic (or at least, thrilled to see their stock prices and dividends rise because of it). You can’t have that economic opportunity without the accompanying threat of dramatic sea level rise

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Friday, 1 June 2012

Could we eliminate world hunger by banning pheasant shoots?

Government backs down on buzzards

The Power of Public Concern

birds/2010 jan/buzzard_wx_PEThe public steps up for buzzards
May 2012. The RSPB is pleased that an outpouring of public concern for a much-loved bird has encouraged Richard Benyon - the Wildlife Minister - to drop proposals to license the destruction of buzzard nests and to bring adult buzzards into captivity around shooting estates.
Martin Harper is the RSPB's conservation director. He said: "We're pleased the minister has listened to people's concerns and acted in the public interest by cancelling this project. This is a strong decision, reflecting the strength of the nation's desire to see Government protecting precious wildlife.
Resources could be put to saving Hen harriers & eagles rather than pheasants
"We don't want anything to distract Defra from the pressing task of saving our threatened wildlife. It should be putting its limited resources into areas such as preventing the extinction of hen harriers in England.


  • Will DEFRA ban cars in rural areas as they kill so many pheasants?

  • Or will DEFRA pay for the damage done to cars by pheasants? 

  • Will DEFRA pay for damage caused by pheasants to farmers crops?

  • How much grain is used to feed pheasants every year - Some estimate 20 tons for 
  • 1000 pheasants - 
  • Could we eleiminate world hunger by banning pheasant shoots?