Saturday, 14 May 2016

EURO2016 football matches to follow similar format to ESC2016

Ukraine won ESC2016 due to a panel of four 'experts' from each country giving them more points than Russia, the public vote resulted in Russia getting over 20 more points than Ukraine.

Following this successful set-up of Russia, EURO2016 football matches will follow a similar format.

The UK's panel consists of Daniel Sandford, Philip Hammond, Anne Applebaum and Victoria Nuland

They have decided that Russia will start each group game to Wales, England and Slovakia 2-0 down; whilst Ukraine will start 2-0 up against Northern Ireland, 1-0 up against Poland and allowed to continue its 1944 alliance with Germany in to the knockouts.

They cited Russia's continued war on Nazism and IS as negatives and Ukraine's reigniting of traditional fascists values as positives.


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