Thursday, 5 January 2017

Nothing to see or hear here, move along. Just John Kerry admitting the American government hoped their beloved ISIS would be in control of Syria by now!


  1. Lina Arabi@LinaArabii 5 hours ago
  2. He also says Russia stepped in to prevent ISIS from growing. Meanwhile in public, US officials claim Assad & Russia are comfortable w ISIS.
  1. US hoped the rise of ISIS would force Assad to negotiate but instead evil Putin stepped in to remove threat of ISIS taking over Damascus. 😭
Leaked John Kerry audio: White House wanted ISIS to rise in Syria

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Julian Assange: US & Israel Planned To Overthrow Assad In 2006

Navstéva@Navsteva 4 hours ago
On audiotape, Kerry said the U.S. used ISIS to pressure Assad (something that if anyone else said they were called a conspiracy theorist)

‘Al-Qaeda AlNusra Terrorists Receiving TANKS and HEAVY WEAPONS from US Coalition’

 So Gen. Flynn must have told you about how we armed Al-Qaeda & ISIS terrorists in Syria

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