Tuesday, 28 November 2017

8 Step Guide to turning The UK into a Ponzi scheme

Step 1.

 Set up a £50 Billion scheme like HS2 that you claim will help the UK economy by cutting half an hour off the train journey time from Birmingham to London.

Step 2
Get an alibi and coconspirator for your Ponzi scheme like China, and make them appear to be an equal business partner that negotiations are essential with for the British economy, so you have an excuse for meeting up with your fellow schemers.

 Step 3
Get your Ponzi partners in crime to create a distraction from the scheme by announcing they won't buy UK milk that is from bTB vaccinated cows, 'forcing you' in to drastic action that makes you look like you have the economies interest at heart.

Step 4
Go against all scientific knowledge and Instigate a cull of badgers by falsely claiming bTB is badly affecting farmers earnings, when the truth is they are reliant on bTB payments due to only getting cost price for sales of milk, so they are paid subsidies and deliberately overpaid in compensation (to keep them quiet) for a lucrative disease which they help spread.

Step 5
Fly to China with your ministers of crime to tell them to create a market for UK products (such as dairy produce and pig sperm) by culling 1/5 of their pigs and cows to create a smokescreen fake market for trade between the two countries, that makes it appear to the UK general public the economy is benefiting from China.

Step 6
Announce that your country can't afford HS2 but our great trading partners China will be able to help us out by investing all the money they need for it, just like they've invested in other profitable UK businesses.

Step 7
Joke around at PMQ's like you haven't a care in the world, whist at the same time your reaping the benefits of austerity cuts from the vulnerable.

Step 8
By the time the HS2 Ponzi scheme helps crash the UK economy you won't be in power, but you will of created a state where you will be untouchable. You've profited along with China from everything in the UK that was profitable, and have helped China avenge the Opium wars in helping reduce the UK public to drug dependent zombies, companies that you and the Chinese will always benefit financially from!

How Step 5 is carried out

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