Monday, 1 June 2015

Not only is Bellingcat (aka Brown Moses) a scam, he's also a shami witness fan!

  1. What scam is this? Why crowd fund the purchase of sat imagery? If it incriminates Russia US govt would already know.

Read about the respect Elliot Higgins (aka Bellingcat & Brown Moses) had for ISIS propagandist Shami witness before he got 'outed' in 2014 and arrested in May 2015 >>

Then he belittles him and has the gall to say he didn't use multiple sources, which is exactly what Elliot Higgins doesn't do too as he just blatantly makes things up and refers to uncheckable 'sources' to suit western governments narratives!

ie  >>>>    "Shami Witness was an example of a certain kind of person on social media, someone who repeats what they see from other sources as his own comments on the situation at hand, often information shared by pro-IS accounts in Arabic, which gives a false sense of his knowledge about the situation," Eliot Higgins, a British blogger who has tracked the war under the name Moses Brown, explained in an e-mail to WorldViews.
"These kinds of individuals are harder to identify for the casual user on social media, so they tend to gain followers which lends them more credibility," Higgins added. "He demonstrates that judging the credibility of a source isn't always straight forward, and why with social media it's important to use multiple sources before relying too much on one claim being credible or not."

If Brown Moses became a major source for western media outlets, so did Shami Witness. Both made claims about the world through assessments of YouTube videos uploaded by jihadi groups; neither had first hand reporting experience in the region. 

On Twitter, Brown Moses even recommended "following" Shami Witness. He was not alone. The National’s Hassan Hassan, the Atlantic Council’s (who Higgins works for too) Faysal Itani, and the Washington Institute of Near Eastern Policy’s Aaron Zelin promoted Biswas as a witness from Syria - See more at:

Tweet text

About Bellingcat’s claim: “Russian sat pics fake”

June 1, 2015 >>

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