Sunday, 16 December 2012

Doomsday for civilisation like this!

Not very often I'm left open mouthed! 
100,000 zoophiles in Germany alone and still legal in many other 'western countries'. 

Anyone who still believes the west is civilised should do us all a favour and go kill themselves.

Monday, 22 October 2012


Manmade quakes: 
Spanish 2011 deadly tremor caused by water extraction - study
Massive groundwater extraction was behind the deaths of nine people, with 100 injured and thousands homeless, which was the toll of Spain’s earthquake in 2011. New research links human activity with earthquakes around the world.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Closure for my friends, neighbours and everyone else who he raped

William Goad, 68, from Plymouth died of "natural causes" overnight at HMP Albany, on the Isle of Wight. A Devon paedophile who is believed to have        abused up to 3,500 boys has died in prison, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has confirmed.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Cull Bankers Not Badgers

                                                                   10.50 - 12.00 mins

                        Another essential viewing Keiser Report

Friday, 28 September 2012

Are all conservation groups 'NeoCON FED' planet destroyers?

Ocean Challenge 2011 Vol 18 Num: 3, page 32 

The Chagos Archipelago conservation and humanity can go hand in hand 

Richard P. Dunne and Magnus Johnson 

Charles Sheppard argues that the Indian Ocean needs the Chagos ‘intact’ – a euphemism for ‘uninhabited’ – to ensurethe best chance for its survival ‘in good condition’ to benefit the region in per-petuity. We question this proposition on several evidential grounds.The argument that the Chagos is ‘an important larval source and sink for the western Indian Ocean’ is a gross over-statement of the scientific evidence that exists.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

"America leads the pack in their eternal quest for American hegemony of the world’s resources" - Good on ya Abo's

#WikiLeaks founder Julian #Assange to receive Aboriginal Passport

Indigenous Social Justice Association &
Support Assange & WikiLeaks Coalition

                                                                                                         September 9, 2012
ISJA: It is with a sense of pride and complete social justice that this Association has worked with the Sydney Support Assange and WikiLeaks Coalition to have the privilege of successfully arranging for Julian Assange to be able to be issued with an Aboriginal Nations Passport...

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Syria used for disguising and paying off debt of drug dependent banking

The banks being dependant on drug laundering and 'rogue' country  money (ie Syria) finally gets aired on mainstream media (for five minutes); over two years since Max told us about it on RT. Then Syria kicks off a bit more and we'll probably never hear of it again (except on RT), despite the two stories being linked. Syria is just being used as another country to pass debt on to after seizing it's assets!

 A concise list of recent bank fraud -

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Thursday, 7 June 2012


White House refuses to reveal ties with Monsanto

Despite requests made under the Freedom of Information Act for correspondence out of the White House, the Obama administration is refusing to comply with calls to disclose discussions with Monsanto-linked lobbyists.

Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

More Knowledgeable Conservatives Are *Worse* on Global Warming

Look what happens to ideological conservatives as they get more 
scientific literacy :

Bloggers and commentators have been talking a lot lately about a recent study, by Dan Kahan and colleagues in Nature Climate Change, capturing what I call the “smart idiot” effect: Conservatives who are more educated, or have a higher degree of scientific literacy, are more strongly in denial (or less worried) about global warming.
Source: Desmogblog (

After all, you just know that many of these same conservatives will be thrilled to learn that the oil and gas companies in which they own stock are acquiring new reserves in the Arctic (or at least, thrilled to see their stock prices and dividends rise because of it). You can’t have that economic opportunity without the accompanying threat of dramatic sea level rise

Full Article :

Friday, 1 June 2012

Could we eliminate world hunger by banning pheasant shoots?

Government backs down on buzzards

The Power of Public Concern

birds/2010 jan/buzzard_wx_PEThe public steps up for buzzards
May 2012. The RSPB is pleased that an outpouring of public concern for a much-loved bird has encouraged Richard Benyon - the Wildlife Minister - to drop proposals to license the destruction of buzzard nests and to bring adult buzzards into captivity around shooting estates.
Martin Harper is the RSPB's conservation director. He said: "We're pleased the minister has listened to people's concerns and acted in the public interest by cancelling this project. This is a strong decision, reflecting the strength of the nation's desire to see Government protecting precious wildlife.
Resources could be put to saving Hen harriers & eagles rather than pheasants
"We don't want anything to distract Defra from the pressing task of saving our threatened wildlife. It should be putting its limited resources into areas such as preventing the extinction of hen harriers in England.


  • Will DEFRA ban cars in rural areas as they kill so many pheasants?

  • Or will DEFRA pay for the damage done to cars by pheasants? 

  • Will DEFRA pay for damage caused by pheasants to farmers crops?

  • How much grain is used to feed pheasants every year - Some estimate 20 tons for 
  • 1000 pheasants - 
  • Could we eleiminate world hunger by banning pheasant shoots?

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

And Let the Fish be Dammed

Planned hydropower dams along the Mekong River will have a devastating effect on inland fisheries. / Credit:Irwin Loy/IPS

The bountiful rivers throughout this South-east Asian country have allowed Cambodians to be self-reliant for generations. But concerned environmentalists envision a future where this vital food supply will no longer provide enough protein to feed the country on its own. 

The Mekong system is the most productive freshwater fishery in the world. It represents a key source of animal protein for the countries along the Lower Mekong - Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. 

No country is more dependent on this than Cambodia, where most of the nation’s protein intake comes from its inland fisheries. 

Environmentalists are warning, however, that a series of hydropower dams proposed for the Lower Mekong’s mainstream river pose a grave threat to the region’s food supply

Full Story -

Friday, 25 May 2012

First Badgers, now Buzzards - watch out Great Bustards - tapped up governments here we come!

Government to spend £400,000 to protect pheasants from buzzards

birds/2010 jan/buzzard_wx_PE
Buzzards, which are native to the UK, are being targeted by the UK Government because they eat non-native pheasant chicks
RSPB ‘stunned' by DEFRA plan to ‘imprison' wild buzzards to favour captive-reared pheasants
May 2012. The RSPB is stunned by Defra's plan to allow the destruction of buzzard nests and to permit buzzards to be taken into captivity to remove them from shooting estates. The Society believes this intervention against one of England's best-loved birds of prey will set a terrible precedent and prove to be a costly and unnecessary exercise.
The move by Defra followed lobbying by the pheasant shooting industry. Buzzards usually scavenge on animals which have already died, but they will sometimes take young pheasants which are released for sports shooting.
Buzzard persecution & recovery
The buzzard was eradicated from large swathes of Britain following decades of persecution. Legal protection and a general warming of attitudes towards buzzards and other birds of prey on the part of many lowland land managers, led to buzzards recovering across the UK: a fantastic conservation success story.
Martin Harper is the RSPB's conservation director. Criticising Defra's proposal, he said: "We are shocked by Defra's plans to destroy buzzard nests and to take buzzards into captivity to protect a non-native game bird released in its millions. Buzzards play a minor role in pheasant losses, compared with other factors like collisions with vehicles."

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Greatest and hopefully most influential Quote of all time

 "The only place there will never be a Coup d'état is the USA 
because they don't have an American Embassy".

  Ecuadorian PM - Rafael Correa

If you don't get it - It's because the USA government/illuminati is the cause of many problems in many countries

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Marine Conservation Society think women and Sir David are stupid!

The Marine Conservation society keep on digging their own grave. This time they've decided to put flowers on 'their' T-shirts for women, whilst the men's T-shirts have a Manta Ray. It reminds me of the comedy sketches where women in the 19th century and Little Britain didn't know anything about what happened outside their front door, ie preferring to stroke kittens to talking about politics lol

Marine Conservation Society
Debenhams have launched their latest Mantaray t-shirts designed especially for MCS with all profits supporting our conservation work. Here's Monty Halls & Kate Humble wearing the t-shirts. Get yours now!
5 ·  · 

Monday, 14 May 2012

Luke Harding is an Illuminati Hippy

  • Luke Harding is an award winning journalist!!! Yet, this article of his is exactly the same attitude that the vile brainwashed Illuminati Pupppy Yuppy Hippy douchbags (IPYHs) offspring of diplomatic servants have!
    TV review: The WikiLeaks editor's Hezbollah interview on his TV show debut leaves Luke Harding with more questions than answers

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Population Control: UK aid funds forced sterilisation of India's poor

Millions more Indian women  have forced sterilization than Indian dogs!
 Is aid money for sterilizing bitches from NGO's being used for sterilizing women? 

The MCS claim to believe The Earth can feed an 'infinite' amount of people and animals, so human population control isn't necessary for wildlife conservation!
This view won't get you much funding though, so are NGO's seeing the red light mist and forcing population control, rather than promoting the ethos of sustainable communities like Kerala?

Monday, 7 May 2012

Dinosaur gases 'warmed the Earth'

Giant dinosaurs could have warmed the planet with their flatulence, say scientists.

Conservation certainly won't be possible with an infinite amount of humans and doesn't go hand in hand with fish farming  

Thought I'd draw your attention to this theory              
- If you equate humans as being modern day dinosaurs for their abundance, diet, diet's diet and other methane releasing activities -
- 'marine conservation' etc is dependant on the success of the fartless sheep they have produced in Australia!