Saturday, 28 February 2015

Never Stop Breaking the Set!

End of an era, The set as we know it has well and trully been broken - informative and inspirational #WewontstopBTSuntilitsfixed  Thankyou Abby Martin and the entire #BTS crew xxx

Friday, 27 February 2015

Ukrainian collaborationism with the Axis powers

  1. This article on wiki is vital to u/stand the Nazi-legacy underpinning to what has been going on in Ukraine & why:
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Distrikts Galizien Spring 1943. Celebrations dedicated to the creation of the SS-Freiwilligen-Schützen-Division «Galizien».
During the military occupation of Ukraine by Nazi Germany, a large number of Ukrainians chose to cooperate with the Nazis. Reasons for this generally included resurgent Ukrainian nationalism, aspirations for Independence and widespread anger and resentment against the Russians over the Holodomor, which occurred only a few years before. These were coupled with rampant racism towards other ethnic groups (such as Jews, Tatars, Roma peoples and Poles) as well as a prevailing sentiment of antisemitism. However, the absence of Ukrainian autonomy under the Nazis, mistreatment by the occupiers, and the deportation of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians as slave laborers, soon led to a rapid change in the attitude among the collaborators.
By the time the Red Army returned to Ukraine, a significant number of the population welcomed its soldiers as liberators.[1] More than 4.5 million Ukrainians joined the Red Army to fight Nazi Germany, and more than 250,000 served in Soviet partisan paramilitary units.[2]

Mr Spock reveals the Russians are using a cloaking device to make them invisible, watch out USA here they ............. Oh yeah lol

Just a quick reminder to BBC Licence fee payers that your money goes towards promoting nazism!

“The United States is unwilling to see its presence in any part of the world being weakened, but the fact is its resources are limited, and it will be to some extent hard work to sustain its influence in external affairs”

USA constant stream of overthrowing democratically elected governments, wars, resource pilaging, lies, spying and propaganda in a nutshell. (1 new post a day to be added 'forever')

Chinese diplomat lectures West on Russia’s ‘real security concerns’ over Ukraine 

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Why the rise of fascism is again the issue

26 February 2015

The recent 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz was a reminder of the great crime of fascism, whose Nazi iconography is embedded in our consciousness. Fascism is preserved as history, as flickering footage of goose-stepping blackshirts, their criminality terrible and clear. Yet in the same liberal societies, whose war-making elites urge us never to forget, the accelerating danger of a modern kind of fascism is suppressed; for it is their fascism.

"To initiate a war of aggression...," said the Nuremberg Tribunal judges in 1946, "is not only an international crime, it is the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole."

Had the Nazis not invaded Europe, Auschwitz and the Holocaust would not have happened. Had the United States and its satellites not initiated their war of aggression in Iraq in 2003, almost a million people would be alive today; and Islamic State, or ISIS, would not have us in thrall to its savagery. They are the progeny of modern fascism, weaned by the bombs, bloodbaths and lies that are the surreal theatre known as news.

The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia's Early Soviet Regime

Assessing the Grim Legacy of Soviet Communism
In the night of July 16-17, 1918, a squad of Bolshevik secret police murdered Russia's last emperor, Tsar Nicholas II,

Time to forget about Hen Harrier conservation, its as doomed and destructive as endless growth capitalism!

  1. Time to forget about ! It allows 'endless growth' a voice

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The “Fuck the EU” comment by Victoria Nuland, Obama’s neocon assistant secretary finally goes mainstream - over a year since she said it!

When Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Ukraine’s prime minister, told a German TV station recently that the Soviet Union invaded Germany, was this just blind ignorance? Or a kind of perverted wishful thinking? If the USSR really was the aggressor in 1941, it would suit Yatsenyuk’s narrative of current geopolitics in which Russia is once again the only side that merits blame.
When Grzegorz Schetyna, Poland’s deputy foreign minister, said Ukrainians liberated Auschwitz, did he not know that the Red Army was a multinational force in which Ukrainians certainly played a role but the bulk of the troops were Russian? Or was he looking for a new way to provoke the Kremlin?

Did the USA & its allies get rid of Saddam Hussein because he couldn't kill all the kurds? - "They want to create a society with no hierarchies and no systems that exercise power or control over individuals" (see note) - Then along with their Arab allies - create, train and fund ISIS to try and finish them off? #wouldntputitpastem!



In the battle for Kobane on the Syrian border everyone talks about the enemy - IS - and the frightening ideas that drive them. No-one talks about the Kurdish defenders and what inspires them.
But the moment you look into what the Kurds are fighting for - what you discover is absolutely fascinating. They have a vision of creating a completely new kind of society that is based on the ideas of a forgotten American revolutionary thinker.
He wanted to create a future world in which there would be no hierarchies, no systems that exercise power and control individuals. And the Kurds in Kobane are trying to build a model of that world.
It means that the battle we are watching night after night is not just between good and evil. It is also a struggle of an optimistic vision of the future against a dark conservative idea drawn from the past.
It is a struggle that may also have great relevance to us in the west. Because the revolutionary ideas that have inspired the Kurds also shine a powerful light on the system of power in Britain today. They argue that we in the west are controlled by a new kind of hierarchical power that we don’t fully see or understand.

Quote of the century : "In all honesty I don't know whether or not Russia has played the role it's been accused of. But I did find that those who are trying to convince us of that rely upon fabrications. I've got evidence of that"

Ukraine Lies Are Iraq Lies All over Again

Propaganda machine doesn't invent new lies. It recycles the old

This is Iraq all over again. I'm talking about the deception of the American people about a threat that may not even exist. Iraq had its "weapons of mass destruction." Ukraine has its alleged "invasion" by Russia and threat to the rest of Eastern Europe. I busted this myth in my book Ukraine in the Crosshairs. What I found in my research is that those trying to convince us of Putin's dastardly role are lying.
In all honesty I don't know whether or not Russia has played the role it's been accused of. But I did find that those who are trying to convince us of that rely upon fabrications. I've got evidence of that.

When you do come across a “The Russians are coming” scaremonger, check out what that person was saying about the Iraqi WMDs ‘threat’ in 2003. It’s usually quite revealing.

Forget all our other troubles – the Russians are coming!

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Published time: February 24, 2015 14:11
RIA Novosti / Sergey Guneev
RIA Novosti / Sergey Guneev
The gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow. Train and bus fares continue to rise. Twice as many people are living in poverty than 30 years ago. And our National Health Service is being privatized before our very eyes.
But hey - we Brits must forget about all those things - because there’s something far more important to worry about. The Russians are coming! 

#PDS 'Putin Derangement Syndrome.'

Victim to what psychologists call confirmation bias – a tendency to see and interpret information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions.
Almost the entire mainstream press in the West and their sheeple suffer from this when it comes to Russia – prompting several commentators to dub the phenomenon 'Putin Derangement Syndrome.' Witness the recent announcement by a “Pentagon think-tank” that Vladimir Putin is supposedly autistic, dutifully reported as fact. Now it seems Jeff Wise’s fantasy is due for the same treatment.