Tuesday, 21 March 2017

UK Regime Propaganda for beginners

Tomorrow's front page: Russia's Ultra Yobs infiltrated
(Its actually a scene from Shrove Tuesday festivities)
Imagine the Kremlin propaganda outcry if a Russian news outlet
had printed the below picture and headline,
never mind had it as the front page cover story
(which is all it takes for UK media consumers to be convinced Russia is bad)  
in yobs who crucify men on trees infiltrated by the mirror



Monday, 20 March 2017

Leader of Al-Qaeda in Syria calls the White Helmets "the hidden soldiers...

The Rape of Syria

35 Countries Where the U.S. Has Supported Fascists, Drug Lords and Terrorists

Here's a handy A to Z guide to U.S.-backed international crime.


The U.S. is backing Ukraine's extreme right-wing Svoboda party and violent neo-Nazis whose armed uprising paved the way for a Western-backed coup. Events in the Ukraine are giving us another glimpse through the looking-glass of U.S. propaganda wars against fascism, drugs and terrorism. The ugly reality behind the mirror is that the U.S. government has a long and unbroken record of working with fascists, dictators, druglords and state sponsors of terrorism in every region of the world in its elusive but relentless quest for unchallenged global power.