Monday, 30 June 2014

Weather modification requires deployment of heavy metal aerosols to increase conductivity of earths atmosphere - Chemtrails!

Commercial Applications of Electromagnetic Climate Change Confirms Military Agenda 1

Hacking the Climate-Winners and Losers
Aquiess global rain project-bAquiess, Inc. uses powerful electromagnetic (EM) transmissions (radio waves) to “benevolently” steer huge reservoirs of atmospheric waters to force gentle rain in arid regions.
But this same technology in the hands of a globalist military authority can be applied as a weapon for creating floods, droughts and more.
Brookhaven ionospheric-heater-network-map-revised-11-5-2013The current global network of stations with ionospheric heaters and EM weather modification capability, in addition to the dozens of NEXRAD stations, is now revealed as no less than a coordinated operation of climate modification as originally organized under NASA in 1966.
The 1966 government document – National Program In Weather Modification (PDF) recruits all agencies of the federal government as a necessary participant of the weather modification agenda.
Originally envisioned as an open-sourced civilian program with “no secrets”, the advanced weather modification technologies were soon hijacked into secrecy by the military under the usual pretext of “national security”.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Appalling 70's tribute act Metallica fail miserably in trying to cover Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld at Glastonbury

70's throwback cover band Metallica's desperate attempt for attention at Glastonbury 2014 below

Iran to Iraq via the U.S.

Click on the link below for details of each country's relationship status

Ukraine Gangster State Calls for Nuclear Strikes

New Holocaust in Ukraine - Recall Hitler - Violence Politics

Odessa Massacre - Another False flag the Neocon Nazi biased BBC didn't report

Meanwhile the BBC try to show they are not biased by saying both sides could have been to blame, but also refer to a video by RT of a man shooting at the building which has been taken down (probably due to it being used as evidence in the future, but is available here). They don't however mention the video analyses by RT 'above' which strongly indicates a false flag operation by the US-sponsored junta in Ukraine.

 What really happened in Odessa is truly horrifying with people being battered to death after they jumped (and thrown) from the burning building and claims of murders inside the building and Napalm used.

Friday, 27 June 2014

BBC journalists in silent protest - sick being used as mouthpieces for US-UK Propaganda in Permanent War

  1. BBC journalists in silent protest - sick being used as mouthpieces for US-UK Propaganda in Permanent War '

Cute and Heartbreaking: Banksy's "The Sirens of the Lambs"

The UK is making it a legal duty to maximise greenhouse gas emissions

Thursday 26 June 2014 11.25 BST

'You appoint an oil billionaire to decide what the future of the oil industry should be, and his report concludes that the government should develop "a new strategy for maximising economic recovery from the UK Continental Shelf"' Photograph: Alamy
Sometimes there's nothing to do but sit there and laugh.

Fox News is more dangerous than ISIS?


In the refugee camps of Iraqi Kurdistan, the insurgents are not often what they seem.

"Nobody knows what they want. They say they want Iraq to be Islamic, but they are not real Muslims."

Russell Brand: ‘Fanatical, terrorist, propagandist’ Fox News is ‘more dangerous than ISIS’ (VIDEO)

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Ukraine and the Rise of Euro-Fascism = WWIII to resolve USA's imbalances

Putin's economic aide Glazyev doesn't mince his words:


Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it - #Nazis!


Ruslan Kotsaba: Kiev Provoked This Massacre. This is fratricide.

Ruslan Kotsaba, Journalist of Channel 112:
Bolotov and the fighters of LPR are sane, normal people

Uruguay players support Suarez just like western governments support Nazis in Ukraine

BBC Now Admits: Armed Nazis Led “Revolution” in Kiev, Ukraine

U.S. Backing Nazis in Ukraine

BBC confirm their Neo-Nazi agenda!

Goebbels, The Master of Nazi Lies - just like Western MSM!

Portrait of Ukraine WW2 Nazi-collaborator Stepan Bandera sold among portraits of Christian holy figures

Do the Math! (lol)
 Neocon Nazis like Bush and Blair use religion as a driving force behind their War Crimes
as they are so deluded they think they are Godly! 

A fine example of Orwellian 'doublethink'

    " Despite their enthusiasm for 'intervention', neither Freedland nor Aaronovitch has ever proposed bombing Israel for its enormous crimes against the captive Palestinian population - a fine example of Orwellian 'doublethink'. Freedland merely shakes his head sadly and asks if Israelis and Palestinians will be 'locked in a battle that drags on and on, perhaps till the end of time?' "

'Gosh, Are They Still At It?' An Appeal For Support

A Media Lens reader quipped recently that he had discovered a solution to the climate crisis. Simply harnessing the energy produced by Orwell turning in his grave would provide a limitless source of cheap, clean energy.
The comment was prompted by the decidedly Orwellian news that the Guardian's Jonathan Freedland had been awarded the Orwell Prize for political writing. Orwell must have been spinning like a top to have his name linked with a journalist who works so hard to sell Western 'intervention'. In March 1999, Freedland wrote:

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

What is Media Manipulation?--A Definition and Explanation

By Ryan Holiday

If you don’t know, you should. Because media manipulation currently shapes everything you read, hear and watch online. Everything.
In the old days, we only had a few threats to fear when it came to media manipulation: the government propagandist and the hustling publicist. They were serious threats, but vigilance worked as a clear and simple defense. They were the exceptions rather than the rule—they exploited the fact that the media was trusted and reliable. Today, with our blog and web driven media cycle, nothing can escape exaggeration, distortion, fabrication and simplification.
I know this because I am a media manipulator. My job was to use the media to make people do or think things they otherwise would not. People like me are there, behind the curtain, pulling the puppet strings. But that is about to get harder: I’m spilling my secrets to you and turned my talents from exploiting media vulnerabilities to exposing them—for your benefit.

Ukrainian refugees claim that children have been abducted and flown to America to have their organs removed, that masses of Polish snipers have been shooting civilians, and that the Ukrainian army has been killing refugees who have been trying to escape.

The Ukrainian refugees escaping to Russia

Three Ukrainians tell Steve Rosenberg why they left their homes for Russia

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Libya Media Hoax: Fabricated Scenes of Jubilation and Euphoria on Green Square

The Libya Media Hoax: Fabricated Scenes of Jubilation and Euphoria on Green Square

Surpassing previous mass media fabrications, both in scale and boldness, yesterday morning’s Al Jazeera mise-en-scène will surely go down in history as one of the most cynical hoaxes committed by corporate media since the manipulated pictures of Iraqis topplying Saddam Hussein’s statue after the US invasion in 2003.

Neocons and their media succeed in dumbing down the middle classes > Nazis ancestors seeking revenge by same methods = same results ;)

Goebbels, The Master of Nazi Lies - just like Western MSM!


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