Saturday, 29 September 2012

Cull Bankers Not Badgers

                                                                   10.50 - 12.00 mins

                        Another essential viewing Keiser Report

Friday, 28 September 2012

Are all conservation groups 'NeoCON FED' planet destroyers?

Ocean Challenge 2011 Vol 18 Num: 3, page 32 

The Chagos Archipelago conservation and humanity can go hand in hand 

Richard P. Dunne and Magnus Johnson 

Charles Sheppard argues that the Indian Ocean needs the Chagos ‘intact’ – a euphemism for ‘uninhabited’ – to ensurethe best chance for its survival ‘in good condition’ to benefit the region in per-petuity. We question this proposition on several evidential grounds.The argument that the Chagos is ‘an important larval source and sink for the western Indian Ocean’ is a gross over-statement of the scientific evidence that exists.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

"America leads the pack in their eternal quest for American hegemony of the world’s resources" - Good on ya Abo's

#WikiLeaks founder Julian #Assange to receive Aboriginal Passport

Indigenous Social Justice Association &
Support Assange & WikiLeaks Coalition

                                                                                                         September 9, 2012
ISJA: It is with a sense of pride and complete social justice that this Association has worked with the Sydney Support Assange and WikiLeaks Coalition to have the privilege of successfully arranging for Julian Assange to be able to be issued with an Aboriginal Nations Passport...