Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Hillary Clinton : We created Al-Qaeda

Uploaded on 27 Dec 2011
In this video Hilary Clinton admits that the US government created and funded Al-Qaeda in order to fight the soviet union, and she even considers that as a good thing. But she claims that the Americans are fighting Al-Qaeda nowadays. If you really fighting Al-Qaeda, then who are the scums and terrorists you used in order to topple the government of Qaddafi in Libya.
The American media describes "Aldel Hakim Belhaj" as an x-terrorist or as an x-jihadist. How funny and hypocrite!
Did his brain develop suddenly? or what are the marks that made him an x-Jihadist?
There is only one reason: The American needed him, so they whitened his page and he became suddenly an x-Jihadist.
Wait a couple of years to see him again an active Jihadist when the Americans don't need his services.
Al-Qaeda didn't leave the US government bed. Let us review the history and see that Al-Qaeda acts served only the US foreign policy. Al-Qaeda terrorists are multipurpose fighters who are being used efficiently by the US government.
Want to know who is the father of Al-Qaeda: Watch this:

Thursday, 4 May 2017

#MadelineMcCann: The sketches of suspects on the night Maddy went missing match #Podesta bros & #Weiner exactly!

When Madeline McCann went missing her parents were allegedly dining out with the confirmed paedophile Clement Fraud, whilst the apparently ultra satanic Podesta Brothers (John was Obama's chief adviser and also Hilary Clinton campaign manager) who match the chief suspects description were said to be staying at Fraud's apartment. The police have not investigated this yet and the media is silent except for reporting on the McCanns dining out with the now deceased Fraud.
 If you think the government, media and law enforcers are not controlled and inhabited by pure evil, you've undoubtedly been brainwashed to believe what your masters tell you!




Man Utd Looking For A Champion's Place Like a cat looking for a mouse hiding in plain sight

Western societies so-called "rulers" for beginners - investigate #pedogate / #pizzagate

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Eliminate Road Rage, Control Your Temper – Avoid the Amygdala Hijack of Your Brain


To develop self-awareness, direct your focus with specific questions. Dr. Relly Nadler suggests asking yourself five simple questions to keep your body from being hijacked by your amygdala:
  1. What am I thinking?
  2. What am I feeling?
  3. What do I want now?
  4. How am I getting in my way?
  5. What do I need to do differently now?

Understandable why MSM consumers defend MSM narratives.

 To concede the deception admits their whole worldview is a lie.


Saturday, 29 April 2017

Must read for anyone that wants to understand the "War on Terror" and Western aggression


We are often told that the invasion and occupation of Iraq and the war in Syria are disastrous failures of Western foreign policy. This article, however, argues that the architects of these wars were, and are, well aware of the destabilising consequences of their military efforts, and in fact, had always regarded the breakup of Iraq and Syria along sectarian lines as a desirable outcome. The millions of deaths and injuries resulting from these horrific wars, as well as the displacement of several more millions, then, are nothing more than “collateral damage” to achieve US-Israeli hegemony in the region. Viewed from this perspective, post-9/11 Western Middle East policy in retrospect is not a failure, but a success.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Chinese act on facts not emotions Mr Trump; nice sales pitch, wrong planet!

Trump says he told Xi how he bombed Syria over ‘most beautiful piece of cake’


What an appalling insult to the Chinese!- no doubt noted and will never be forgotten. Trump shows his total lack of breeding, education, intelligence and diplomacy...God help us all!

  •  Olive Toast
    The Chinese do not act on emotions, this was taken to task. However they do act on facts.

    •  Olive Toast
      Exactly what I thought. Has he never heard about the Chinese and how they feel about a loss of 'face'. He insulted the leader of a great power and gloried in it. No wonder XI asked for the remark to be translated again - he could hardly believe his ears.

    • Trump says that he was faced with a dilemma – whether to inform Xi, who “was eating the cake, and was silent” of the attack.
      “What does he do, finish his dessert and go home and then they say, you know, the guy you just had dinner with just attacked a country?” Trump mused, and then told his counterpart the news.
      “He [Xi] paused for 10 seconds and then he asked the interpreter to please say it again. I didn't think that was a good sign,” said Trump. “And he said to me, anybody that uses gases - you could almost say or anything else - but anybody that was so brutal and uses gases to do that young children and babies, it's OK.”
      Trump spoke of a “great feeling” between himself and Xi, who he “really likes being with,” at least officially.
      China issued no clear position on the US strike on April 7, merely calling for a peaceful resolution to the Syrian crisis. Xi has avoided commenting.

      Trump also bragged about the effectiveness of the strike, which was a response to a chemical attack blamed on government forces two days earlier, saying that “all” of the missiles hit their target, the Shayrat airbase. Syrian media said seven staff and nine civilians were killed in the strike.
      “It's so incredible. It's brilliant. It's genius. Our technology, our equipment, is better than anybody by a factor of five. I mean look, we have, in terms of technology, nobody can even come close to competing,” said Trump.
      Russia, an ally of Syria, earlier claimed that only 23 Tomahawks struck their targets. Moscow also condemned the assault, arguing that no solid evidence was provided that Syrian forces were indeed responsible for launching the chemical attack, or that one had even taken place.

    "Who benefits from the failure of negotiations?

    British drive for nuclear war between Russia and USA? #stirringbitches

    LaRouche organizer Daniel Burke intervenes against war criminal David Petraeus at to stop the British drive for nuclear war


    "You are afraid, you might be losing sleep, because we might be cooperating with the "
    to at

    Saturday, 8 April 2017

    Trump Joins the Secret Society Satanic Ritual of Sacrificing Children to Moloch

     Zionist Mainstream Media #HillaryClinton #JohnMcCain Happy

    The 'doctor' who told us it was Sarin, was put on trial for terrorism in the UK.

    'Evidence' on “Assad crimes” supplied by a committed jihadist (not even a doctor)


    Trump believes terrorists.



    A British doctor, who was named as a hero for treating gas attack victims in Syria, stood trial on terror offences and reportedly belonged to the terror group that kidnapped journalist John Cantlie.

    Inside the Syrian Arab Army: why they fight and what they fight for

    The truth is, the brave men and women of Syria who are fighting Western, Saudi, Israeli, Turkish and Qatari funded and armed Salafist extremists are not only sacrificing their lives, but the lives and well-being of their loved ones.


    Friday, 7 April 2017


    Clinton calls for strikes against Syrian airfields "to prevent [Assad] from being able to…bomb innocent people."

    Hats off to Bolivia

    US became investigator & judge; this is violation of intl law – UN envoy on strike


    US afraid of real investigation into Syria chemical incident – Russian deputy UN envoy

    Wow. Mainstream media are sick fucks...

    bombing is fun, MSNBC edition



    Most citizens offended by arms sales to don't know that is participating in the warcrimes in



    ‘Another Neo-Con puppet’: Trump’s former backers jump ship after Syria airstrike

    If Hillary Clinton were POTUS, I would not even bother speaking up, a war would be inevitable. https://twitter.com/Cernovich/status/850185271601537025 

    US airstrike kills 200 in "Show proof! It was the Iraqis! And ISIS!" Unidentified faction kills 58 in "FIRE ZE MISSILES!"

    Syrian man confronts BBC reporter for Lying (see updated description)

    The BBC reporter is Canadian Lyse Doucet. She is a major player in Chatham House which is a British NGO that is a propaganda tool of the British Establishment.


    Tuesday, 4 April 2017


    MSM raise ‘false flag’ conspiracy following St. Petersburg Metro blast


    Hours after an explosion ripped through a train car at a St. Petersburg Metro station, a number of Western mainstream media outlets claimed the suspected terrorist attack might have been a plot to distract Russians away from recent anti-government protests.

    With little details known in the aftermath of Monday’s explosion between Sennaya Ploshchad and the Tekhnologichesky Institut metro stations, the BBC suggested in its coverage that the explosion might be an attempt to distract from anti-corruption protests facing the Russian government.


    Monday, 3 April 2017

    The deep state now works for the 'good guys'


    US progressives are clinging on to false heroes like the FBI and CIA in their existential battle to dethrone Trump.

    The REAL Syria Civil Defence, Saving Real Syrians, NOT Oscar Winning White Helmets, Saving Al Qaeda


    Vanessa Beeley
    21st Century Wire

    “When the [REAL] Syria Civil Defence are working, attending a rescue, they must divorce from their emotions in order to be 100% effective. When we see the White Helmets ‘working’ they are acting, performing for the camera..it is not real” ~ Colonel of the Damascus Head Quarters of the REAL Syria Civil Defence.

    While the multi-million-NATO-Gulf-state-funded White Helmets were scooping the Oscar for the Netflix documentary depicting their “heroic” rescues in “war-torn” Syria, the REAL Syria Civil Defence was continuing with its daily routine of saving Syrian people in Syria, under attack by the same, US, NATO & Gulf state, funded, armed and equipped extremist factions rebranded multiple times to obfuscate their terrorist roots and ideology.

    Tuesday, 21 March 2017

    UK Regime Propaganda for beginners

    Tomorrow's front page: Russia's Ultra Yobs infiltrated
    (Its actually a scene from Shrove Tuesday festivities)
    Imagine the Kremlin propaganda outcry if a Russian news outlet
    had printed the below picture and headline,
    never mind had it as the front page cover story
    (which is all it takes for UK media consumers to be convinced Russia is bad)  
    in yobs who crucify men on trees infiltrated by the mirror