Monday, 16 October 2017

Review of Ray Mears Tour 2017 – ‘Born To Go Wild’

An evening of shear joy with Ray Mears - spiritual, educational, self affirming and inspirational. Had glassy eyes most of the night after his shakespearianesque first 15 minutes on how humans were introduced to fire by The Thunderbird (a very convincing folklore story). Followed by fire starting demonstrations, his love of tribes, knowledge, truth etc and his 'hate' of sensationalism (#posttruth) and peoples lack of respect for nature (including Steve Irwin). Felt like i'd died and gone to heaven, met my maker and he'd confirmed I'd done everything he'd asked of me 😊 Or as he says I don't care if people don't like what I say or do especially on Aboriginie etc rights, I report truth so they themselves are happy with what I've broadcast, I don't care what you think! #Legend

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