Thursday, 28 July 2011

Dam Palm Oil Population Control Connection is Complete!

 A human rights group has accused the Ethiopian government of leasing some of its most productive farmland to foreign companies. Survival International said the Omo River region is the traditional homeland of some 90-thousand indigenous people.

The group said Malaysian, Italian and Korean companies are buying leases; and that large areas are being cleared for state-run plantations.
“The government announced that it was going ahead with the huge sugar cane plantation known as the Kuraz Project. We know that there are leases given out to other foreign companies. For example, an Italian company, which is leasing 30,000 hectares to grow palm oil,” Fiona Watson, Survival International’s field and research director.21

Monday, 18 July 2011

Bear famine, no rain nah fall from London to Dadeland mall

Damian Marley's video for track 1 off 'Welcome to Jamrock' Album 'Confrontation' With speeches from many influential people including Rastafari himself, also Marcus Garvey and Bunny Wailer.
Very Big tune about the turmoils of War, where damian touches on many topics such a poverty, War, Revolution, World Government, Babylon, and misjustice dealt by the system.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Illuminati = Most of my points in recent posts.

The Illuminati
In some interpretations the New World Order is a secret faction in its own right, while in others it's simply the ultimate goal of a powerful cabal of extended families collectively known as the Illuminati.
In this view, the Illuminati is an organisation of supremely influential and well-connected individuals, who secretly gather in a series of councils and committees to manipulate global political and financial institutions and further their own dastardly ends.
Those ends include a reduction in the global population to a billion citizens useful to the Illuminati, and the end to all social distinctions except master and servant.

Meanwhile - why you all concentrate on things that you can't see, look what's getting destroyed!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

"The Ecosystem is Dead - Lakshmi Mittal is a Necrophiliac" : says worlds best Journalist.

If you watch anything this year on TV I'd recommend all or at least minutes 11 - 13 of this show - TV how it should be :) 
 I bet that was one of the most revealing 30 minutes you've had for a while. 
Would the Marine Conservation Society like to comment on the statement
 "The Earth's Ecosystem is Dead - Lakshmi Mittal is a Necrophiliac"?.

Agent Orange or Not? Monsanto Kill The Masses Senses!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Obama : "Yes We Can Do What Ever We Want"

Barack Obama was hailed "The Hero of the American Dream today", after ending his truthful and inspiration speech by shouting out :

 "Yes We Can Do What Ever We Want - Why shouldn't we give aid to the famine victims, we paid the earth to set it up - so we might as well watch their demise just a little bit longer!!!"

The buoyant mood was due to Americans being drawn back to their TV screen's to watch blanket coverage of the latest famine victims;

Friday, 8 July 2011

Punters fury at news of News of The World ending one year earlier than South American forecasters predicted.

Riots broke out at bookmakers across the world yesterday as loosing punters sought vengeance for hot favourite  'Twothousandandtwelve' losing in the race for news of News of The World's ending - nearly 6 months before it had started and 18 months before it finished.

Proud winning owner and trainer of the triumphant 'twothousandandeleven' Rupert Murdoch declared in a hacked phone message "I'm delighted to finally put the rumours about News of The World's end being in 2012. I'm in charge of global affairs so I'm not having anyone dictate matters to me, let alone the South American's Mayan time hacking media group".