Thursday, 31 July 2014

The media ignores the CIA in Ukraine

The media ignores the CIA in Ukraine
CIA director John Brennan speaking to US President Barack Obama
CIA director John Brennan speaking to US President Barack Obama

A few days back the Economist published an essay which dismissed the idea of fascists in Kiev as an illusory product of Russian propaganda.
This is a narrative which the editors at the Economist have put forth on a number of occasions. Of course they’re not alone. A less flagrant article published by the New York Times editorial board used a weird double negative to assert that “Russian leaders prefer not to accept that the C.I.A. did not engineer the preference of many Ukrainians for what they see in the West.”
All the world’s a stage wrote Shakespeare. Are readers supposed to categorically assume that U.S. intelligence has played absolutely no role in the coup d’├ętat? So far the bulk of the American media’s coverage of the Ukraine deftly sidesteps the CIA’s role.
Yet all of the signs are there. Former CIA Officer John Stockwell explained that “stirring up deadly ethnic and racial strife has been a standard technique used by the CIA.” Students of history (e.g. Iran, Guatemala, Indonesia, Chile, and Nicaragua) will also recognize many of the hallmarks of a covert destabilization operation.
Witness senator John McCain sharing a stage with Oleh Tyahnybok in the early days of the coup, CIA director Brennan’s discreet visit to the Ukraine (buried near the end of a Reuters brief), the taped phone call where Victoria Nuland essentially selects who would replace the deposed president, or the disproportionate number of high-level officials in the new government linked to neo-fascist groups.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Stocks rise for Israeli drone-maker as Gaza slaughter continues

Submitted by Rania Khalek on Tue, 07/29/2014 - 19:42


Bodies of Palestinians killed in an Israeli air strike on the floor of a hospital in Khan Younis, Gaza, earlier today.
 (Ramadan El-Agha / APA images)
As Israel ruthlessly destroys the besieged Gaza Strip, its largest developer of military technology, Elbit Systems, is benefitting from the bloodshed.
US-traded shares of Elbit have climbed 6.1 percent since 8 July, when Israel began its latest offensive against the Gaza Strip. 

Evidence to Frame Russia For MH17 Shoot Down Fabricated?

It was posted on-line The Day Before #flight MH17 was shot down / blown up!


Were the BBC informed by the NWO Neocons again that a disaster (false flag) was planned? Just like they were for 9/11 -

Special Report: Malaysian Flight False Flag Evidence Revealed.

Malaysian Airlines plane crash: Russian military unveil data on MH17 incident over Ukraine

Kiev Censors MH17 Air Traffic Control Recordings

Social Media users who post links to the WikiLeaks statement could be subject to prosecution

National/Nazi Security

Australian govt blindfolds citizens with ‘unprecedented’ media gag order - WikiLeaks

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Beginners guide to Ukraine, MH17 and their connection to corrupt western governments/media

Libya Back in 2011 shortly before his murder by NATO Col. Gaddafi warned about the islamists

Europe's Nightmare Coming True: America vs. Russia...Again

Russia is learning to live in a new harsh environment of U.S.-led economic sanctions and political confrontation with the United States. More than five months after the change of regime in Kiev, which ushered in a new era in Moscow's foreign policy and its international relations, a rough outline of Russia's new security strategy is emerging. It is designed for a long haul and will probably impact the global scene.
The central assumption in that strategy is that Russia is responding to U.S. policies that are meant to box it in and hold it down—and back. The Kremlin absolutely could not ignore the developments in Ukraine, a country of utmost importance to Russia. The armed uprising in Kiev brought to power a coalition of ultranationalists and pro-Western politicians: the worst possible combination Moscow could think of. President Putin saw this as a challenge both to Russia's international position and to its internal order.

Monday, 28 July 2014

NEW MH17 SENSATION: German experts point finger at Ukrainian air-force jets.

ukrainejetsSurface to air missile attack ruled out as calibre of cockpit bullet holes puts Ukraine pilots in the frame for MH17 murders

This is what a German pilot-cum-air technology expert Peter Haisenko has just published on the subject of the MH17 disaster (my emphases):
‘The misfortune of the Malaysian MH 017 is known to all. The flight
recorder is in England and is being evaluated. What can come of this?
May be more than you want to accept….if you look at the image of
Cockpit-Fragments, this picture is certainly shocking.
Entry And Exit holes from bullets in the area of the Cockpit. This is not speculation, but analysis of clear facts: the cockpit
shows clear evidence of bullet holes. You can see the entry holes and
some exit points. The edges of the bullet holes are bent inwards,
these are much smaller and round in shape. A 30mm calibre. The exit
holes are less well formed and the edges are torn outwards.
Furthermore it is visible that the exit holes have torn the double
aluminium skin and bent them outwards. That is to say, splinters from
inside the cockpit blew through the outside of the cabin. The open
rivets have also been bent outwards….There is only one conclusion one can make, and that is that this: the
aircraft was not hit by a missile. The damage to the aircraft is
exclusively in the cockpit area….

If Politicians & MSM repeat a lie often enough, does it become the truth? >> Cognitive Dissonance!

The bizarre thing about the government’s numerous false flag operations, is the number of people who still believe the ridiculous “official story.” There are people who in spite of looking at airtight evidence like you have seen on this website, still can’t see the truth. Here’s the dynamic that is working.

A good stage hypnotist can take 100 people out to the middle of a redwood forest and convince 90 of them that there are no redwoods to be seen. As the result, 90 people won’t be able to see any redwoods at all. The other 10 who refuse to be hypnotized can still see the trees.

The 90 people who are under mind control will think the 10 people who still see the redwoods are “crazy”, “insane” or “nutjobs” or “conspiracy theorists” not realizing or even being able to realize, it is they, themselves, the 90% people who are the deceived ones…...Sound familiar? How can this be?

What is Cognitive Dissonance?

Psychologists use the term Cognitive Dissonance to explain the brain’s inability to consider opposing evidence in a large part of the population. Governments intentionally create this disorder in the population. That’s how they can get away with creating events like 9/11. If the population in general didn’t have Cognitive Dissonance, governments could never stage events like this.

How Cognitive Dissonance is created:

The easiest way is Repetition. Repetition is also heavily used by

The secret report that helps Israelis to hide facts (with clear example)

The slickness of Israel's spokesmen is rooted in directions 

set down by the pollster Frank Luntz

      "Much of Dr Luntz's advice is about the tone and presentation of the Israeli case. He says it is absolutely crucial to exude empathy for Palestinians: "Persuadables [sic] won't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Show Empathy for BOTH sides!" This may explain why a number of Israeli spokesman are almost lachrymose about the plight of Palestinians being pounded by Israeli bombs and shells."

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Hamas is a Creation of Mossad

by Hassane Zerouky

Global Outlook, No 2, Summer 2002   23 March 2004
The URL of this article is:

Thanks to the Mossad, Israel's "Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks", the Hamas was allowed to reinforce its presence in the occupied territories. Meanwhile, Arafat's Fatah Movement for National Liberation as well as the Palestinian Left were subjected to the most brutal form of repression and intimidation
Let us not forget that it was Israel, which in fact created Hamas. According to Zeev Sternell, historian at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, "Israel thought that it was a smart ploy to push the Islamists against the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO)".

Let's remember how east Ukraine became a war zone in the first place

Did east Ukrainians invade west Ukraine or bomb them? No, the east Ukrainians held referendum to declare their dependence, they had a massive voter turn out (much higher in fact than the official elections that Washington endorsed) and the self appointed government in Kiev responded by attempting to bomb them into submission. And again, the so called "international community" just stood by and watched.
And this wasn't the first time.
Remember we had the Odessa massacre where Ukrainian police stood by and did nothing as Neo-Nazis burned over 40 anti-Kiev protesters alive. Among those killed was a pregnant woman who appeared to be strangled or beaten to death. The Ukrainian government totally covered up these crimes and blamed the tragedy on the anti-Kiev protesters. Apparently these people burned themselves alive. Watch "The Odessa Massacre What You're Not Being Told" for more details on this

The USA have invaded Ukraine through organizing and supporting the ultra violent nazi coup, to maximize their profit through control of their resources!

US debates sharing self-defense missile locations with Ukraine in real-time – report

Kradmelder 27.07.2014 11:52

Putin is a global strategist is a problem for USA. The USA created the Ukraine coup to control the country and cause a problem for Putin. They wanted the pro Russian elected president out and a jewish cabal in. US media acts as if Russia has invaded ukraine, where in reality is an american backed coup. Jew bankers have even taken the Ukraine gold reserves to the USA for 'safekeeping', agreed by the jew Yatsenyuk, as he agreed to jewish IMF loans. Now the USA just needs provocation to get involved, as stated in the leaked Gresh emails.

JOHN DURHAM 27.07.2014 11:52

Kiev is killing itself!!!
Ukrain e's 5 day loses:
1.Deserti ons: 3473 2.Killed in Action: 1600 3.Wounded in Action: 4723 4.Tanks: 35 5 Armoured Battle Vehicles: 96 6.Artillery : 38 7.Aircraft: 7 8.Helicopter: 2 9.Automobile: 104

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Russia trumps USA and Ukraine's lies, cover ups and agendas with evidence, saving the world from WWIII again!

The Brink of War 
Last Monday morning was not a pleasant one for the US State Department. Russian officials surprised Washington and its NATO partners when it released all available satellite imagery and air traffic control data which was recorded in and around the final minutes of Flight MH17 – and presented it to the world media on live television. The data painted a very different picture, drawing contrasting conclusions to what Washington and Kiev officials had been disseminating via western media since July 17th. Following their presentation, Moscow handed its findings – air traffic data and time stamped satellite imagery – to European authorities. We will review those findings in detail later in this report. In stark contrast, US officials have been reluctant to do the same. Is Washington willing to share any object data or evidence to the public, or is it only interested in sharing that which somehow fits into the same predetermined narrative it stood by on July 17th, one which already assigned guilt to both rebel fighters in eastern Ukraine and Russia?We hope that political leaders and media organizations in the US and Europe will take the time to consider all available information, rather than simply repeat and spin what is bouncing around the media echo chamber. It’s also crucial to understand the geopolitical context in which this incident has occurred in order to discover who really possessed the motive, and the means to destroy this passenger aircraft, and which parties stand to benefit most from such an international incident.
After reviewing the evidence, all indicators points to the downing of MH17 as a highly coordinated, but failed false flag event.

Censorship or error? Internet criticism for BBC removal of MH17 report

BBC Russian has come under fire from internet users after deleting its report on the MH17 crash for not meeting ‘editorial values.’ The reporter questioned says that local militia fired the missile, with locals talking about Ukrainian army planes.
The report on the Malaysian plane tragedy by BBC Russian correspondent Olga Ivshina was released on July 23. She interviewed local witnesses who told her that they saw military aircraft in the sky before the incident.
“And there was another aircraft, a military one, beside it [the Malaysian plane]. Everybody saw it,” said one witness.
“It was flying under it [the Malaysian plane], we could see it. It was going underneath the civilian one,”added another.
The report contained a soundbite of an SBU official, saying that the aircraft was shot down by a Buk missile.
“This was a BUK M1 system which shot the aircraft down. It came to Ukraine early in the morning on the 17 July. It was delivered by a tow truck to the city of Donetsk,” Vitaly Naida said.
“After that, it was redeployed from Donetsk, as part of a column of military equipment, to the city of Torez, to Snezhnoye, and to Pervomaisk.”

Friday, 25 July 2014

HRW blames Kiev army for indiscriminately killing civilians with missiles

Published July 25, 2014
Viktor Stepanenko (69 years) by his house in the township of Snezhnoye that was destroyed by a Ukrainian rocket. (RIA Novosti)
Viktor Stepanenko (69 years) by his house in the township of Snezhnoye that was destroyed by a Ukrainian rocket. (RIA Novosti)

The rights organization confirmed four rocket attacks by the Ukrainian military, or Kiev-allied paramilitary, on residential areas in or near Donetsk, which resulted in at least 16 civilian deaths and many more wounded. The attacks were carried out with Grad multiple rocket weapon systems, highly indiscriminate weapons that cannot be used against populated areas.

Whistleblower: Ukrainian Troops Shot Down MH17

Award winning former Associated Press reporter Robert Parry has been told by an intelligence source that the United States is in possession of satellite imagery which shows that Ukrainian troops were responsible for the shoot down of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Ukraine Gold robbed under the illusion of politics just like in the South Park episode #aboutlastnight

Ukraine Airlifts Its Entire Gold Hoard To The U.S. Fed

The Ukrainian Prime Minister ArseniyYatsenyuk tried to resign today (request rejected), just a week after UK Foreign Secretary William Hague 'moved on' from his post - moves which should set alarm bells ringing with anyone monitoring the Ukraine crisis.

 The pair were key figures in the US installed Ukraine government that suited the NeoCon's anti-russian,  pro american (& in theory EU) and NATO expansionism agenda; though now there seems to be a further twist to this shameful episode in western history.

Immediately after the US led nazi coup that overthrew the Ukrainian government in February 2014, it was alleged that whilst in Ukraine giving open support to fascists, John McCain used this distraction to orchestrate the gold heist that shifted all Ukraine's reserves to the USA's FED!

This mirrors the South Park episode 'About Last Night' where on the night of Obama's election win McCain, Obama, his wife Michelle and Sarah Palin use the celebrations as a distraction to steal the 'Hope Diamond'.

This staged reproduction of the South Park classic saw McCain play himself, the Obama's were played by Hague and Yatsenyuk, whilst Sarah Palin of course was played by Victoria Nuland  the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State.

 In the cartoon McCain and Palin flew off to a life of enjoying their riches, whilst The Obama's decided to give politics a try, lets see if the same happens in reality - seriously!

Zionist claims Zionists are mythical then admits being a Zionist! - Knew they weren't from this planet!

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  4. . Half of Christendom is Zionist! I have followed the Middle East > 20 years. Why pick me? I'm not a good target.
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