Sunday, 18 March 2012

Invisible Children Producers are Gay Bashing Religious Fakes

You couldn't make it up! But they did!!


Hollywood actor and celebrity activist George Clooney’s comments on the video are taken out of context and refer to Sudan, not the LRA. He wasn’t interviewed for the KONY 2012 video. It was lifted from an NBC interview with Brian Williams.

IC’s financial statements show substantial donations from the National Christian Foundation – an anti-gay, anti-abortion grant-making fund that helped Ugandan politicians put together legislation making homosexuality subject to the death penalty. Invisible Children’s supporters include other right-wing, anti-gay heavyweights like the Caster Family, who funded the campaign for PropositionLabels 8 in California

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

MCS are the conservation equivalent to Invisible Children

The recent internet phenomena Kony 2012, which although good in principle is in fact a total farce and distraction from major global issues; such as the lengths developed countries will go to to secure future resources for their tax payers. 

The same can also be said of the Marine Conservation Society based in Ross-on-Wye in England.

They haven't a clue about Marine issues and though their attempts to clean beaches are good in principle, their belief that there can be an infinite amount of humans on the planet if resources are better managed is far more stupid than the Invisible Children campaign.

Both of the organisations political connections go even further when you realise that groups like the MCS also campaign for No Take Zones like the one in the Falklands recently and the well documented Chagos Islands et al.

 Bit of a coincidence that don't you think! with the Argies pushing again for their claim for the Islands, as now no Argie vessel will be able to go anywhere near there!

Just like no islanders will be able to return to the Chagos Isles because an American Airbase is now there; thanks to the British!

Can you think of any other reason why the USA etc etc etc would want to 'go in to' Uganda etc etc etc

Some great quotes on RT's Facebook, such as Mohamed Lachi's
‎= Problem, reaction, solution.
The US wants to invade mineral rich Africa but needs an excuse.
Problem: KONY.
Reaction: people call for an armed invasion.
Solution: US government "reluctantly" agrees.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Girl wins rare chance to visit ethnically cleansed exotic islands

Newsarticle on thisissussex about how politics and conservation work hand in hand!!

My Reply
“The headline should have been "Displaced wins Place" 0r Ethnically Cleansed Ancestor gets to get a whiff of her past. Very brave of you to mention that the Islanders were forcibly removed by the British to make way for an American Air Base! However, to report that a young woman said "The MPA, it's not just good for Chagos but for everyone else too. It's good to have an example of how other places should be" is akin to writing about a young Jew saying "Hitler was the best thing to happen to the Jews; for everyone else too" 
Vile reporting beyond comprehension!!!

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