Friday, 23 December 2016

Carla Ortiz Speaks about her Experience in Aleppo and The Little Syrian Girl

#fakeheadlines replacing #fakenews

BBC headline suggests Putin is criticising the whistle-blower for blowing the whistle, when in the text they clearly write that Putin was saying the whistle-blower was the cause of the whistle needing blowing. A fact the BBC back up by writing the 'whistle-blower' "admitted to doping athletes".
The BBC clearly know most of their audience only read the headlines,
so they use them to maximise their state sponsors anti-Russia propaganda.

Monday, 12 December 2016

1984 Journalism

Seriously though, how did we get to this stage of BBC editors' version of doomsday being the freeing of 100.000 hostoges held by IS, whilst Obama is the good guy saying hes supplying weapons,

 "What is actually interesting is that the American-led coalition, which has very powerful surveillance tools, apparently failed to pick up 4,000 ISIS jihadists making their way to Palmyra with all their equipment, trucks and everything," former UK ambassador to Syria Peter Ford told RT, adding that Washington and its allies "didn't lift a finger to try to stop [the IS offensive] happening."

Aleppo teacher: 'It's Doomsday' - As 1000's of liberated syrians walk calmly out of East Aleppo now IS have gone

Hourly #fakenews from the BBC
Laugh as the IS spokesman's version of events differ from the video
Put on their homepage in the Watch & Listen (don't think) section

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." William Casey (CIA Director 1981)

Sunday, 11 December 2016

150 Terabytes! Norway Busts Largest Dark Web, Child Porn Networks in History — US, UK Media Ignore Story

Watch Canadian Journalist Completely Dismantle Mainstream Narrative on Syria:

Former US Assistant Secretary of State confuses compliance with journalism

A former State Department official claimed this week that RT's staff are not legitimate news reporters. This is ostensibly because “real journalists” only work for compliant US media and not disruptive foreign competitors.

While Kramer’s logic is truly astounding, it does give an insight into the mindset of the American establishment when it comes to the media. In their worldview, “real journalists” don’t ask difficult questions, and do help officials spin the US-driven narrative of the day. However, reporters who try to hold them to account are not legitimate because they refuse to play the game.
But in this day and age, the audiences, in the US and elsewhere, have a different view.

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." William Casey (CIA Director 1981)

CIA Admits to Congress the Agency Uses Mainstream Media to Distribute Disinformation:
                                                                         1975 Video

If you can't see that the BBC etc are not reporting real news / spreading fake news and have a relentless anti Russia / pro IS agenda, then you are of no use to this planet or your families future! Prime example this week is the 80,000 people liberated from Aleppo and all MSM can do is report from an IS perspective, not their fleeing hostages that they try to make you think are trapped in by Russia and SAA.

Friday, 9 December 2016

State sponsored BBC quoting Shakespeare to prove truth is wrong; its as if Einstein never existed!

"It is Boris Johnson's fate that even when he is right he is wrong"
The BBC are having to resort to Shakespearean quotes in an attempt to
justify their perversion of world events.
 "Mr Johnson's mistake was to say something in public that is normally said in private.
To his critics, Boris Johnson is this government's Shakespearean fool, an errant jester who wanders the globe telling jokes that insult as often as they amuse the Queen's allies.
But remember: the Bard often used his clowns to tell a wider truth,
one that the players did not always want to hear.
The foreign secretary's problem is that truth is not always good diplomacy."

Its in Syria though where the BBC and all western state sponsored media have brought this 1984 scenario in to full fruition. The country has been invaded by Saudi and US employed terrorists whose 'methods' of killing and torture the world has never seen the like of before. All of which happens in full view of the world, yet for the sake of an oil pipeline and control of Syria's resources western state sponsored media ignore it, and just repeat the mantra of  'Assad has to go'.
Constant claims of Russia and the SAA laying siege to East Aleppo have also been disproved by the 1000's of people who've been liberated from there, who say IS snipers shoot people who tried to flee, yet the BBC etc won't report any accounts that don't suit their governments narrative.

Another disgrace to humanity example is how all MSM call The Ukrainian Nationalists "separatists", when they were the ones who supported the democratically elected government that was overthrown in a coup sponsored by the west. Those in the west are the separatists for they are the ones that separated Ukraine from their democratically elected leaders and democracy.

With Obama announcing today that he was going to supply weapons to 'foreign fighter' to further American interests in Syria, the actors in the wests version of real life events will be scrambling through their Shakespeare box set collections to find analogies for arming people who they admit barely exist, except under the flag of IS.

They need to look at Einstein's definition of insanity instead!


Monday, 5 December 2016

War chest: UK arms giants return to profit after 2 year o'hell

British arms companies bucked the downward sales trend in 2015, amid signs there could soon be a major upsurge in demand for military equipment.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Will 2017 see end of US neocons’ promotion of chaos theory?

For 25 years, from Afghanistan to Syria, we’ve seen the chaos promoted by Washington neocons. Trump will hopefully be an assertive defender of US interests rather than an assertive meddler, says Oxford Crisis Research Institute Director Mark Almond.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

'Backing rebels made Syria's suffering worse. West should accept regime change has failed, and the war must now end'

Maybe this is just my imagination. But I have the impression that, even as some of the most significant developments since the start of the conflict are gathering pace in Syria, the West in general – but the UK most particularly – is choosing to look the other way.