Thursday, 15 December 2016

Jeremy Bowen correcting victim of a terrorist attack which killed his wife and son

A middle-aged man lay in a room further down the corridor with what remained of his family. He was a dentist called Mohammad Marzen Saboni and talked about how his wife and two-year-old son were killed.
"Last Friday, we were outside the house, the whole family. Nothing was going on, there was nothing happening in the street. Then a terrorist mortar fell.
"My wife was badly hurt and died. And then my son passed away. We were just walking in the street. I never thought it would happen."
Mohammad, like many people in West Aleppo, means armed rebels when he uses the word terrorist. He looked down at his smashed legs as he talked about the attack.
Orthopaedic surgeons had fixed stainless steel rods up and down his legs to help the fragments of bone knit together. He said his nerves were so badly damaged that the surgeons were not certain how much he would recover.
"I blame the terrorists, we are innocent, kids, civilians. I just want to walk again. My heart is dead."
His nine-year-old daughter Mayar was in the next bed with both legs in plaster. Someone had given her a doll. It was propped up next to her pillow, a Barbie in a pink box she had not tried to open.
Mayar looked away from anyone who tried to catch her eye. A nurse tried to show her the doll but she scowled. Mayar had seen her mother and her baby brother die and, like Hani Jadid, the boy outside the hospital, she was facing a new, much darker world.

These are the images from 2013 when the western-backed rebels were "liberating" Aleppo:

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