Sunday, 4 December 2016

Will 2017 see end of US neocons’ promotion of chaos theory?

For 25 years, from Afghanistan to Syria, we’ve seen the chaos promoted by Washington neocons. Trump will hopefully be an assertive defender of US interests rather than an assertive meddler, says Oxford Crisis Research Institute Director Mark Almond.

In Syria, residential areas in government-held western Aleppo have been under constant shelling from terrorists and rebel militants, with thousands of civilians seeking refuge in government-controlled areas. Tens of thousands have already escaped.
Even those in liberated areas still suffer from a lack of basic necessities, but the UN is holding back from dispatching humanitarian crews to the war-torn city.
RT: What obstacles remain preventing the UN from sending aid to Aleppo?
Mark Almond: Obviously, there is still an area controlled by the rebels where there is fighting, and the rebels have not always been terribly concerned about discriminating between their enemies and aid workers. But it is quite bizarre that now, as you actually have people, tens of thousands of people, who are finally accessible, that the UN agencies are not actually rushing to help. Because, after all, these are people who are in need, and the weather is very bad in addition to all the suffering caused by the violence. But I think we have to, I’m afraid, accept the fact that the UN is not composed of people from outside the normal world of politics – after all, the head of its aid agency is a former British conservative MP, [UN Special Envoy for Syria’s Senior Adviser] Jan Egeland is a Norwegian political activist who has been for a long time very critical of Russia. So, we are talking of people who do have a political past, even if they are now presented as being somehow the representatives of global charity or global concern. But I am afraid they are politicians.

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