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C4 definition of fact checking >> fuck checking, don't believe your eyes and listen to us!

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  1. Victoria Ashdown says:
    The white helmets have been widely debunked, set up by PMC’s, widely filmed ‘staging’ rescues, mostly unknown by those coming out of Aleppo into the West. Funded and collaborating with the rebels – ie Al Nusra Daesh. The same men can be seen in the staged picture of the boy in the Ambulance as well as the unfortunately NOT staged video of the 12yr old boy being beheaded, Filmed at the execution of captured Syrian soldiers and execution of civilians. The truth is coming out. Shame on channel 4 for not doing their homework, whatever happened to investigative journalism? My husband was in Aleppo last week interviewing refugees from E to W Aleppo – the few who had heard of them said the White helmets worked mostly with the terrorists. BTW, he offered to film and be interviewed by you on the ground in E Aleppo and will still if you actually want to know the truth…..You have no reporters on the ground!
  2. Khamis Bala says:
    garbage article
    Jihadists in syria have been known to fabricate footage and use children.
    why dont they allow civilians to evacuate?
    again, garbage article for Al Qaeda propaganda
  3. Karim Ayoubi says:
    Perhaps Channel 4 would like to investigate the photographs and videos of White Helmets carrying weapons, chanting “Allahu Akbar” alongside ISIS, the fact they campaign for a no-fly zone, that they aren’t the real Syrian Civil Defence (est. 1952), they only operate in ISIS areas (where journalists dare not tread for fear of being killed or kidnapped) and other damning facts, as exposed by Vanessa Beeley. I think there is a story here, an important one given that the White Helmets seem to be the sole source for many stories reported in the media. Search youtube for “White Helmets exposed” as a starting point.
  4. ZodiacNein says:
    Err…the Independent just exposed faked film footage supposed to be from Aleppo too.
    I believe Eva more than you lot, thanks all the same.
  5. temudjin1155 says:
    Most people believe her because she doesn’t talk about Syria from an office in some foreign country which doesn’t seem to be your case
  6. IAN COLVILLE says:
    Eva Bartlett is an independent writer and rights activist. There is no need to put that in quotes, as if to suggest that she is not independent. She does not write a blog for Russia Today. Like any independent, she offers her articles to several outlets and RT just happens to be one that from time to time accepts her submissions.
  7. Ian Colville says:
    Why do you mention Russia Today in relation to the clip having been viewed on In the NOW? Surely that’s irrelevant. The clip has been viewed on many platforms across the Internet. I suspect mentioning RT is a subtle means of trying to set a negative switch in the minds of readers before they get to the meat of your fact check. Why not mention several of the places where it’s been played, which would be more fair and independent of you.
  8. stewart fenton says:
    Rubbish anyone can see that they are the same girl
  9. Paul says:
    “Someone would have had to have buried a screaming child up to their chest in rubble and carefully assembled a large amount of heavy wreckage around and on top of her”
    Pretty much what they did with the Mannequin challenge video then.
    “an extraordinary logistical challenge and an extraordinary collective act of child abuse.”
    Yes, but we’re talking about areas run by al qeada here. Not many things are beyond them.
    The point is, the western media has lied so many times about the war in Syria that their credibilty is shot, so people don’t know who or what to believe any more. If the PR handlers of the WHs had openly said “Hey, look the western powers have set up this really worthwhile rescue service for Syrians in rebel held areas, this is from our foreign aid budget and we’ll be totally transparent about them” then this sort of thing wouldn’t be happening.
    However, in their arrogance, they pretended for a while that the WH were entirely a Syrian invention, a local initiative, and used them endlessly as a propaganda tool to campaign for a military intervention. It’s therefore not at all surprising that people who oppse the west siding with jihadis become highly cynical about them. Another idiotic own goal by our foreign policy establishment.
  10. Ambiguous64 says:
    I could have saved you some time Channel 4.
    End of white helmet story. Cleary they are fakes.
  11. Darry says:
    I have a video of the white helmets producing a fake rescue.
  12. Nguyen Bui says:
    We dont believed channel 4 why ?
    No help from you to tell the orginal truty why Syria ppl are in deep trouble, the clear reality out there for middle east where west and Saudi,Quatar, Turkey want them in trouble under flag of “spring” , this spring or fake news from yours brought thousand dead, if you are brave enough, sent your man to the field and write your own report rather then stay beside a cofffe in London and make a fake news, and dont know it kills people, do you think of it.
  13. Paul Harrison says:
    Yeah; those damn Syrians and Russians wanting to rid Syria of US-backed terrorists, are killing innocent civilians when the terrorists hole-up among the population. They should just let the terrorists take over, I suppose. The US would never do anything that might kill an innocent child… now would they..?
  14. M Al-Obaydi says:
    It isn’t surprising that MS Bartlett would think it is the same girl. We all look the same to her and her Russian paymasters.
  15. Abel Kotze says:
    You remind me of the squirrel in Ice Age in your desperation to block all the leaks in the ice wall. We all know that the White HElmers are funded by the same states as Daesh. We also know that the MSM is the propaganda wing of the empire. You will soon run out of fingers and toes and the wall WILL break!
  16. Barbara McKenzie says:
    The link for Eva Bartlett writing ‘a blog for the state-funded Russian media outlet Russia Today’ makes it clear that RT publishes material provided by Bartlett as an independent journalist.
    ‘White Helmets, a volunteer rescue group funded by a number of western governments including Britain’. Spin away, but when funding in the hundreds of millions from foreign powers, above all the UK, goes into uniforms and salaries for personnel that gloat over the deaths of Syrian soldiers and extoll terrorists it looks less like a volunteer humanitarian organisation, and more like a Foreign Office propaganda construct.
    As for whether the girls in pictures 1,2,3 above are the same, the middle girl’s face is in repose and is harder to judge, though the nose is identical to that in the other pictures. I would, however, bet my car that girls 1 and 3 are the same, especially after looking at the other photos of the same child.
  17. Geoff Bridges says:
    All civilian deaths and injuries are tragic but how do we know if the bombing of civilians supposedly by Russia and Syria is true or not? The information, photos and videos are mostly supplied by terrorists who sometimes use the same footage multiple times. US supported terrorists have been known to kidnap children to use as props in their propaganda campaign. They have also been known to gas and shell civilian areas under their control to add to their lies and propaganda by blaming it on Assad or the Russians. There always seems to be a terrorist White Helmet on hand to film the aftermath. Even The BBC has falsified videos in a Panorama programme, “Saving Syria’s Children”, looking into an alleged incendiary attack.
    Most of the information regarding bombings, injuries and fatalities in East Aleppo come from the terrorist supporting Aleppo Media Centre in collusion with the terrorist White Helmets and is a totally sectarian, biased source. They are funded by the UK, French and US governments (who all want “regime change”) as is The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights which is a one man band out of a small house in Coventry who hasn’t been to Syria for 15 years.
    The photos and videos are taken out of context and at times appear staged. The terrorists have been well trained and funded by the West in how to manipulate public perception.
  18. Mark Whitehead says:
    Interesting that you have focused in this one particular aspect of what Eva Bartlett is saying. What about the rest of her much more wide-ranging critique of the way the situation in Syria is being presented in the Western media – including Channel Four? She makes many very persuasive points about what is actually going on in Aleppo, adding up to the conclusion that we are not being given the truth. She is not the only one. Take a look at what Vanessa Beeley is saying. In both cases these are people who have been to Syria and specifically Aleppo many times. They say that if what they are saying is the same as what the Russians are saying, that is because they are both speaking the truth. Your anonymous “fact check” looks suspiciously like an attempt to discredit them. It appears to be part of the US-led propaganda campaign to present the conflict in Syria as a “civil war” between freedom-loving democrats and Assad supporters. The reality that is emerging is that actually it is a conflict created and maintained by mainly fanatical jihadists linked with al Quaeda and ISIS and funded by the US and other Western governments, against the huge majority of Syrians who support the Assad government, while being critical of some aspects of it – and would certainly prefer it to the murderous fanatics, often from other countries, who have taken over parts of their country.

A letter from a child in to our Arab Gulf "brothers".

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