Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Marine Conservation Society Took Our Jobs

More Classic Facebook Positrolling

We've just done a beach clean at the beautiful pebble beach of Hurst Spit, near Lymington, with MSC students from Reading University - hope to have some photos to upload in next couple of days.
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Shock as Marine Conservation Society Liaise with DEFRA ):

MCS Facebook Post

MCS is talking with Defra about marine conservation zones today, and specifically telling them what people have said through our Your Seas Your Voice project for sites around England. Thanks to all for your contributions to the project, government now has genuinely useful data on why people want our special sea places protected that they simply have to listen to

My Reply

The MCS talking to an official environment agency ): first time for everything I suppose! - you'd of never heard of them though if it wasn't for me criticising 'you' for using mickey mouse agencies to gain your fake statistical information that looks good on paper but has no merit whatsoever. Next you'll be giving me credit for all your dumb mistakes i've pulled 'you' up on or even supporting Sir David Attenborough's theories on conservation rather than sending your minions out to crucify his views at your MCS meetings.