Saturday, 30 November 2013

Greenpeace in Russia to sidetrack from their corporate masters destruction of the environment and wildlife!

Polar bear numbers in Hudson Bay of Canada on verge of collapse

Climate change is warming the Arctic and melting its ice cover, with grave consequences
Polar bear in Bay of Hudson Canada
Melting ice is cutting polar bears off from their food source in Hudson Bay, and death rates have soared. Photograph: Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images
Polar bear populations are a sensitive topic for the Canadian government, which has faced international criticism for its policies onclimate change and for allowing limited hunting of bears, mainly by indigenous communities.
The Canadian environment minister provoked outrage last October when she discounted abundant scientific studies of polar bear decline across the Arctic, saying her brother, a hunter, was having no trouble finding bears.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Jeremy Scahills version of free speech! - Who the fuck does he think he is, Jesus Christ? - certainly looks like him; a haggared - crucified - salesman who apparently used to be respected journalist before Obama buggered him! - Jeremy Jesus Christ get some counseling or at least go for a walk & get some fresh air you fucking warmonger!!!

If you want to understand Jeremy Scahill - watch Mediastan!

J is a journalistic !!!

He thrives on getting media traffic by claiming to report unbiasedly in conflicts, 
though he's only interested in his own media traffic!
This was confirmed during a speech on BBC Radio 5 where he advocated free speech,
just a week after gagging Mother Agnes following a phone call from Obama.

He started out reporting on the evils of big oil company Chevron in Nigeria with Amy Goodman; who now receives millions of dollars from George Soros, the Ford Foundation, and Carnegie.
He obviously benefits from this or has no interest in real journalism because he has 
allowed Chevron to destroy much of Ecuador, without even a mention of their deliberate 
ecological holocaust or the continued struggle of the Ecuadorians 
to get the compensation owed to them.

He's now turned officially turned evil after boycotting a Mother Agnes speech (which resulted in it being cancelled), whilst at the same time advocating free speech in a Radio 5 interview where he said "Both sides of the story have to be told" 
(unless you are someone who promotes peace)
Just hours after being told by Obama that war is good for the economy of the USA and his own 
media traffic!

Leftist Establishment Darling Calls Alex Jones a “Diehard Insane Lunatic”

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Latest Greenpeace Propaganda confirms them as a corporately brainwashed cult!

It's not how many oil spills Gazprom are responsible for, it's how much oil;
or little if truth be told by Greenpeace's own figures!!!

 Which is miniscule compared to the amount of the much more damaging toxic sludge that Greenpeace financiers Chevron have deliberately spilled in Ecuador, where biodiversity is/was off the scale compared to anywhere in  Russia, never mind the arctic!

 Greenpeace, their propaganda and especially their financiers have to be stopped
before they destroy the earth!!!

(copied and pasted)

Gazprom is responsible of 206 oil spills on land in at least 2 years 
(since Greenpeace Russia started monitoring them)!

With this horrific track record, the oil giant is now planning to extract the first offshore oil from icy Arctic waters in December putting the fragile Arctic at tremendous risk.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Barack Obama sweet talks Jeremy Scahill in to supporting his global terrorist economic philosophy

Are there any depths of depravity journalist 
called Jeremy won't lower themselves too?
After BBC's Jeremy Bowen warmongered in Syria, 
Jeremy Scahill does it without ever even going there 
by gagging Mother Agnes!!!
Straight after a tweet to him from Obama, and a tweet supporting terrorists when he claims to be a neutral journalist who promotes peace! Just like Jeremy Bowen before I ousted him from Syria

  1. Great, , you have my number! I'll be waiting by the phone...

  2. Mother Agnes and the ‘liberal’ hawks out to silence her — RT Op-Edge: smashing it as usual.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pro Badger Cull Facebook Site Exposed as Pro Government Frauds

  • It's too make money for the government and large corporations like supermarkets who own most of the big dairy farms and certainly profit at the expense of Farmers suicide all over Europe!!!! Sir David Attenborough condemns UK government for iignoring science - 'in quest to sell milk to the Chinese
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    • Floggerov Deadhorsez
    • Nancy Hogg Think someone wants to go on the Jeremy Kyle show 
      • Floggerov Deadhorsez Who's that then Nancy?
      • Badger Cull 2013-Support our Farmers This has got nothing to do with selling milk to china, you're just telling more lies, a few more easy ones in there to spot as well, To my knowledge I don't think any supermarket chain in Britain (including the Co Op) actually either owns or tenants a dairy farm. I'm not actually sure either why the views of a tv presenter are actually as relevant as any ordinary farmer having to deal with this problem (tb). You'll be posting the views of has been washed up pop stars next, as if they toohad any relevance If you want to post sensationalist rubbish Mr deadhorsez, I suspect the jeremy kyle show is exactly the place for you, with all the other social riff raff.
        Like · 1 · 4 hours ago
      • Floggerov Deadhorsez You've obviously never seen the Jeremy Kyle show as you're too busy collecting your government subsidies for being shit at your job, and your well over the odds compensation for bTB which as you know averages £1000 per head presently (quite rightly dropped from ££2000 per bovine 5 years a go you robbing of the tax payer bastards) Don't even think about disputing the figures because I'm a farmer who loves this country and its people, but hates money grabbing fake 'supporters' of farmers like yourself who just makes money out of people's and animals suffering! Like you don't know that killing virtually every badger in Ireland has made any significant difference at all (Though you'll celebrate the 4% drop which it will take 10000 years for the government to recuperate the money spent on the cull there, but still have to fork out for the 1000's of cattle that still get infected despite fuck all badgers being left in the country. Did you even read the article in the telegraph about the Chinese planning to pay £3 a litre for milk, can you also not read peer reviewed science papers or just not be bothered because it doesn't fit in with your ulterior motives! No supermarkets own dairy farms? WTF! You fucking stupid retard! How do you think they manage to sell the stuff so cheap, do you even deny that farmers in France are committing suicide at a rate of 1 every other day? THAT'S NOTHING TO DO WITH bTB RETARD - NEITHER IS THE SUICIDE RATE OF HILL SHEEP FARMERS ETC IN THE UK YOU FUCKING NONSE - though we'll never know what the figure is in the UK because of brush it under the carpet PRO GOVERNMENT vile money grabbing shameful bastards like you! YOU'LL GET YOUR COMEUPPANCE AS YOU'RE AS MUCH USE TO FARMERS, THE UK AND ANIMALS AS A PAEDOPHILE IN A PLAYGROUND!!!!
        State-owned companies are approaching UK farmers direct asking for millions of litres of milk, at a time when some farmers struggle to make a profit