Friday, 23 December 2016

#fakeheadlines replacing #fakenews

BBC headline suggests Putin is criticising the whistle-blower for blowing the whistle, when in the text they clearly write that Putin was saying the whistle-blower was the cause of the whistle needing blowing. A fact the BBC back up by writing the 'whistle-blower' "admitted to doping athletes".
The BBC clearly know most of their audience only read the headlines,
so they use them to maximise their state sponsors anti-Russia propaganda.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticised Grigory Rodchenkov, one of the whistleblowers whose information led to the report.
Rodchenkov used to head Russia's anti-doping laboratory and has admitted to doping athletes.
Putin said: "Do you know where he worked before that? In Canada. And then what did he do? He came to Russia and... kept bringing in all sorts of filth."
The 64-year-old admitted Russia "does have problems with doping" but called on Wada to be "more transparent", insisting his country "never created the problem of doping".

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