Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Millions of Pigs and Cows buried alive in China to create short term illusion of UK benefiting from trade with China #faketrade


China kick starts UK Dairy Ponzi scheme (To make UK & China look like equal trade partners) by culling two million dairy cows in the past 12 months to create a short term lucrative market that will crash once China restocks!

8 Step Guide to turning The UK into a Ponzi scheme


Step 5
Fly to China with your ministers of crime to tell them to create a market for UK products (such as dairy produce and pig sperm) by culling 1/5 of their pigs and cows to create a smokescreen fake market for trade between the two countries, that makes it appear to the UK general public the economy is benefiting from China.

UK and China agree £45m pig semen export deal

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