Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Media or Cult? CNN Buries a Massive Russiagate Gaffe

What we witnessed on this really remarkable episode of Reliable Sources hosted by Brian Stelter was a window into a cult that's been created around Russiagate. And we've seen the research on cults that when the millennial promise by the cult leader of deliverance is discredited or the cult leader is exposed as a fraud, when the underlying narrative that brought people into the cult is exposed, the cult members deepen their conviction instead of falling into disillusionment. That's kind of the paradox of cult thinking and that's what's happened here. David Frum comes on and says that we should trust the media because of mistakes and that the media aren't the ones who are relying on cult thinking, it’s its targets.


Skepticism means giving in to Trump for the hardcore partisan liberals who started this shabby narrative. Now they put themselves in a really impossible situation where it's not really adding up. The Michael Flynn indictment was a perfect example. It didn't show a collusion with Russia. It showed Michael Flynn, first of all, beseeching Russia not to implement any counter measures against US sanctions which any diplomat would do, basically begging Russia not to retaliate. Russia asked for nothing of Michael Flynn. And the collusion that it showed was with Israel which we have discussed previously, with Jared Kushner acting on behalf of Benjamin Netanyahu dispatching Flynn to ask Russia to use its veto power at the UN Security Council to stop a resolution condemning Israeli settlement activity. So, one of these is adding up really.

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