Saturday, 14 February 2015

For those people who think Russia is trying to take over the world; you need to replace the word Russia with USA!

If Russia hadn't of helped Crimea break free from the U.S. installed Western Ukraine goverment the region would have been destroyed like Eastern Ukraine has been.

It's turned out to be a total catastrophy that Russia or any other country could not help save the ethnic russians, anti-Kiev and all the other people in East Ukraine who just wanted to live in peace, but are unable to move away.

Fom day one of the conflict, volunteers from many countries sympathetic to the expected plight of East Ukrainians at the hands of the western mercenaries and ukrainian fascist fighters have been open about helping those opposed to West Ukraine's U.S. installed government.
Russia has also openly supplied humanitarian aid to the region, and despite their being hundreds of journalists in the area, most people having a camera phone and U.S.satellites fixed on the area, there is not one piece of evidence of russian troops or military equipment in the area.

As shameful as this lack of Russian military intervention to help her ex-pats may seem to many, you have to realise they haven't got the 93% backing in East Ukraine as they have in Crimea.
Therefore any military intervention in mainland Ukraine would be seen as an act of war by the neocon and zionazi controlled western governments and their media.

War is the last thing Putin wants, as fighting the west who are on their last legs financially will result in the neocon and zionazi controlled governments using their last throw of the dice to get their hands on Russian and East Ukrainian resources - nuclear weapons!!!

Two warmongering neocon mouthpieces (from the Guardian and Observer) have said they have seen russian tanks crossing the border, but in this day and age there is no excuse for not taking a picture. Whilst puppets of the war dependant U.S. (Western Ukraine politicians) have become so desperate to appease their masters desire for war they've used a picture of russian tanks in Chechnya as proof of Russian militaries direct involvment in Ukraine.

For those people who think Russia is going to try and take over the world; you need to replace the word Russia with USA; as there are no more ethnic russian hubs that will need the help of Putin to protect them from the only threat to this planet >> The Neocon, Zionazi controlled U.S. government and their push for control of global resources!!


Decades-long 'megadrought' will grip US within 35 years, climate experts warn

You can't argue that Americans are not inately greedy, people have to learn you can't just go to a continent, ethnically cleanse the natives, destroy their food supply and then 200 years later turn on your own people and environment because you can get resources - including people - elsewhere!


Ukraine ultranationalist leader rejects Minsk peace deal,

 vows 'to continue war'


Browder is Soros and rothschilds agent, they want to control russian oil and gas

Undeniable proof of Russian presence in E Ukraine12022015 JUST heck out the Google map post

Wikileaks Cables: Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Washington's Pocket Since 2006

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