Friday, 29 October 2010

Mormons Selling Amphetamine Substitute Worldwide

A Multi Billion Dollar Business owned by a Mormon Company is secretively pushing a bee pollen concoction ‘super food’ by claiming it’s also a legal high stimulant to rival amphetamine.

An English branch of the global 'health product' business was stung, after admitting selling the product that can be life threatening - to their own teenagers.

The youngsters then sell on the natural stimulant tablets to their friends - for just fifty pence each.

Unsuspecting friends, who are not informed about its contents and suffer from asthma or are allergic to bee stings or pollen could have serious allergic reactions; resulting in potentially fatal anaphylaxis.

Speaking at a recruitment seminar in an up-market Cornish hotel, the company’s nutritional spokeswoman stunned a packed conference room by claiming a 'Forever Living' product was exactly like “Whizz”! - The street name for amphetamine - a banned Class B drug.

Mouths were ajar as she added: “I take one of these every afternoon and it picks you up so much that I now could not imagine life without them – In fact I’m dependant on them!”

Nervous laughter then echoed around the room as she backed up her proud claim by revealing:

“My nineteen year old daughter brought a bottle of thirty two tablets from me to take to university – within a week she was on the phone wanting more. I asked her what do you do with them all; she replied - I’m selling them to friends as they keep you going all night in clubs.”

The Forever Living products main ingredients are Aloe Vera and Bee Pollen; both with well regarded health properties, however, the latter’s scientifically unproven benefits can contain pollen from the poisonous ragwort plant (Which the Daily Mail nicknamed Ragamuffin Weed in a 2007 article).

The pollen from this plant makes honey and pollen granules unpalatable, so if eaten will cause instant nausea. In coated tablet form, any allergic property giving pollen will not be detected until it is digested, leading to possible severe reactions.

Besides this, the long term effects of ragwort digestion are unknown in people who do not react to it, but is known to cause liver damage in horses and other animals that eat it. Land owners are obliged by law to safely remove the plants from their fields in England. Bee keepers, however, complain that the council lets the plants grow on grass verges, so if any polluting pollen does get in to honey - they are responsible. Pollen though is harvested all over the world and is the most toxic part of the plant, so pollen could easily be in the tablets.

In America and the British Isles at least 5% of the population would be prone to a very small amount of this pollen alone, and the affects are still unknown about after it reacts in tablet form with other pollens. Furthermore, less than a teaspoon full of any pollen will cause a severe reaction to most people with respiratory problems when ingested - according to well documented medical opinion.

An amount which could easily be consumed in its compact tablet form and/or with multiple use.

The Devon resort based Regional Manager rounded off the seminar with details of how to make money through networking sales. “The commission is uncapped because you get a slice of sales commission off everyone down the chain from you that you sign up, so after nine years working full time for the company most people never have to work again because you will have a huge income forever.”

He then preyed on peoples’ fears; just as the previous three speakers had done by talking about being bullied, stressed, overworked and never patted on the back in jobs.

The RM then reiterated the previous speakers concerns about their pensions probably yielding much less than expected: “Now its time to take control of your lives and get an uncapped income.”

The main over-riding message though was to “try the products themselves as it’s easy to sell products you love.” Though all the speakers claimed they used most of the products, they only had vague knowledge about their well known ingredients.

During the Q&A session, I firstly asked the RM about one of the other products; an Aloe Vera drink that was their main advertised product on their internet sites promotional video. During the nutritionist’s talk about the products, she described it as “a body lotion; especially good for eczema, dry skin and the feet”; no mention of it being a drink.

The RM apologised for her forgetting to give a full description, adding: “It’s both a drink and body lotion”, which I replied to with: “That didn’t sound like the most appealing of combinations” to which the RM showed his first signs of nerves that evening when saying “Well people like different things.”

The other thirty or so people there were a fifty- fifty split of ‘members’ and people invited by the RM after he saw their CV’s on Job finding websites - including mine which i'd left online.

None of the mostly baffled or ‘pleasantly dreamy’ looking audience could think of anything to say but I had plenty!

“Who’s presently selling these brand products – are the supermarkets?” - “No, they’ll never sell this good quality of Aloe Vera in the supermarkets – their Aloe Vera products are inferior as they just use the tips of leaves and roots which do not contain the prime gel. If you can find them, certain health clubs and hair salons stock them, but our company is the only distributor in the country of this brand. We save money by not advertising directly and selling through contacts and mail-order catalogues only.”

“So let me get this straight; the only way I can buy this product without joining your company for £200 or going to selected places, is to know someone in the company as you don’t advertise or sell directly online.” “Yes that’s correct” the RM confirmed to me.

I can confirm that all products are readily available online, with various companies including ones connected with the company in question.

The RM’s further lack of grasp on his business, products and competition was highlighted when I enquired into the AVBP stimulants comparability to similar products, such as Guarana. The RM went white and started sweating even more, as he’d never heard of it – despite it being sold in health product shops and at festivals for over twenty years, and is now a key ingredient in most stimulant drinks.

The RM had earlier told everyone “Membership and sales success would lead to huge bonuses; loans to buy a car and free holidays to any of their ‘centres’ in the world- including a health spa just outside Leicester that Will Smith and Mariah Carey stayed at recently.”

Alternatively they had ‘holiday centres’ all over America, one of which I noticed had a name connected with a religious group. No religious alliances were mentioned throughout the evening, though they do refer to it on their main website in the history of the company section.

When I asked other guests what they thought of the business, one women who did not want to be named replied:

“With the banning of many legal highs this is a great time to enter that market – it looks a great opportunity.”

However, if things look too good to be true, they most often are. The sales methods from this business though are also potentially putting peoples’ lives at risk; whilst at the same lining the pockets of people with possibly ulterior motives.

Whilst further investigations are taking place we would like to hear from anyone who thinks they may have taken these AVBP tablets unwittingly.

In the mean time, I strongly recommend that people who are unsure about what's in tablets that are given to them, refrain from taking them.

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