Sunday, 31 May 2015

ATTENTION ALL AMERICANS & EUROPEANS! *Proof* that you have been LIED to by USA!

The US government accuses Putin of forcefully annexing Crimea, but that is NOT the truth! US/NATO are training in Europe, the Baltic States, and Black Sea to wage war on Russia over Crimea and Ukraine based on LIES! Sanctions against Russia are unwarranted...find out why here! 

Watch this 2-1/2 hour documentary: Interview with Putin with a day-by-day account of what happened with Ukraine and Crimea. Interviews with Crimean officials, military commanders, and citizens telling the TRUE story about the war against Crimea, and the Nazi takeover in Ukraine! 

How a USS Destroyer went after Russia in the Black Sea over Crimea and almost started a Nuclear War! How Putin's fast thinking and brilliant strategy saved Crimeans and averted war with USA!

SEEK THE TRUTH! Resist the insidious US propaganda lies! WATCH this film and please RT, RT, RT! 

"Crimea: The Way Home" with English Subtitles

Also here, but you must register to see English Subtitles:

ANOTHER FILM BELOW created by a film-school graduate from L.A. who traveled to Crimea to discover how life there has changed since it was reunited with Russia.
"Crimea for Dummies"

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