Friday, 29 January 2016

False Flags used to start wars by unsustainable countries ( USA, Saudi Arabia, Israel, France, UK )

PROOF : Boston Bombing False Flag
Mercenaries Carried Boston Bomb

Use these 5 signs to work out if this was yet another false flag like all the previous ones!!

Two bombs exploded on Monday, killing at least three people and injuring 176 others in what officials on Tuesday termed a terror attack. But it is unknown if this was a terror attack at the hands of foreign or domestic terrorists, if it was another government false-flag attack, or if it could even have been some kind of exercise that went terribly wrong.

President Obama said the bombing at the Boston Marathon was being investigated as an act of terrorism and insisted that the country will not bow to such violence. Speaking about the tragedy for the second time in as many days, Obama said the nation’s prayers go out to Boston. The two explosions on Monday killed three, including an 8-year-old boy, and wounded an estimated 176 people, Boston officials said earlier.

“This was a heinous and cowardly act and given what we now know about what took place, the FBI is investigating it as an act of terrorism,” Obama said in televised comments from the White House. “Any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror.”

“What we don’t yet know, however, is who carried out this attack or why,” the president said, pledging to use all resources to find those responsible. ”We will find whoever harmed our citizens and we will bring them to justice,” he insisted.

“We also know this,” Obama said. “The American people refuse to be terrorized.”

Meanwhile, Former Dem Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney says government carried out Boston Terror Attack while Boston marathon runner Alastair Stevenson says that before the explosions erupted at the Boston Marathon this morning, he was told by police over the loud speaker that bomb squads and bomb sniffing dogs were part of a ‘training exercise’.

It does seem to be a suspicious coincidence that at both the Sandy Hook Massacre and now at the Boston Marathon Terror Attack our government appeared to have been conducting some kind of sinister training exercises. Indeed, training exercises that never seem to be mentioned by mainstream media or government officials.

Like 9/11, this MAY have been a legitimate terrorist attack, but something sure doesn't smell right.

~ Tom R.


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