Saturday, 8 April 2017

The 'doctor' who told us it was Sarin, was put on trial for terrorism in the UK.

'Evidence' on “Assad crimes” supplied by a committed jihadist (not even a doctor)

Trump believes terrorists.

A British doctor, who was named as a hero for treating gas attack victims in Syria, stood trial on terror offences and reportedly belonged to the terror group that kidnapped journalist John Cantlie.
Shajul Islam, aged 31, posted a series of videos on Twitter in the aftermath of the Tuesday’s attack where he appeared to be treating patients.
Islam, from Stratford in London, first travelled to Syria in 2012 and worked in opposition-held areas of the country.
After arriving in Syria, he was wanted by MI6 for his suspected role in the kidnapping of journalist John Cantile.
Islam protests his innocence and claims he was not affiliated to any terror groups, but once he returned to the UK, he was swiftly arrested and help in a specialist counter-terrorism unit.
Islam was then held in a maximum security prison until they were charged with terrorism offences.
In November 2013, Crown Prosecution Services announced they were unable to proceed as the witnesses, Cantlie and Oerleman, were unable to attend court.
“A problem arose for the prosecution which serves to frustrate the trial from the point of view of the prosecution.”
“The two victims in the case are the two prosecution witnesses on which the case rested wholly on their evidence. The prosecution are unable to call either victim for the purposes of the trial listed today.”
Shajul was struck off from the General Medical Council after a 16-day tribunal.

OOPS! Al-Qaeda's White Helmets didn't notice the camera rolling when they positioned this actor

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