Tuesday, 6 June 2017

BBC caught promoting terrorists via fake news yet again

The well documented and now common knowledge that the White Helmets are IS, still doesn't stop the BBC from trying to desperately cover for them bombing civilian homes and then 'rescuing' them!


Mahmoud Raslan, the photographer responsible for the viral photo of Omran, is known to be close to terrorists of the Nour al-Din al-Zenki faction, who are most widely known for their methodic beheading of Palestinian child Abdullah Issa in July 2016. After Issa’s slaughter, photos emerged of a grinning Raslan taking a selfie with some of the al-Zenki murderers.

The guy who took the little boy's viral pic & wrote this account took a selfie w/ Zinki child beheaders.  pic.twitter.com/yxiVWl6tk6
If u doubt that Raslan took photo, see him taking pics & wearing same shirt as he wore in selfie w/beheaders pic.twitter.com/TNcHlyDNB1
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CNN’s Amanpour challenged to go talk to ‘Aleppo boy’ by Russian FM spokeswoman


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