Sunday, 8 April 2018

Solar Radiation Management Scientists are just vile pissed off Gothic Trolls!

Check out how vile this 'so-called climate scientist' / troll is (in the comments of the video, which are also reprinted below) WITHOUT even a mention of !

"You're the mere stain on the toilet seat of the filthy seedy brothel that your mother had the misfortune of sitting upon."

Phil Bradbury

Saw this woman who I thought was pretentiously dressed as Bjork loads of times, I was behind her for a few minutes for this in the car park rave but it really wasn't my ting (american trash). Only turns out to of been Bjork. I feel like I saw my heroine stuffing herself down a drainpipe and trying to escape through a riddling dance and I did nothing to help. If only I'd of not had a billion times better bands to see I'd of gone to her and said No Bjork Stop it, your in your 40's, just because you missed out on this stage of your life when you were 25 like me doesn't mean you have to like it just because a woman was playing it. She was also hanging out with and watched Klein too, who is just terrible appalling etc etc (from the videos i've seen) Feel so sorry for her that she's given so much to music she obviously feels shes missed out on natural human behaviour herself. I';m still here for you Bjork if you want to talk, but that's all unless you seriously buck up :(

Valane M.

Phil Bradbury why would you say that. I mean, I think she seemed to actually enjoy herself here.


Phil Bradbury

Free speech, my opinion, funny cos its true, i'm not a robot, I can say whatever I want, isn't life great when yo're in your 40's and she was stood around posing in the foyer all the other times I saw her, missing out on the greatest festival of all time by watching only the bowels of it....................................................

SRM Solar radiation management Geoengineering

Phil Bradbury You're the mere stain on the toilet seat of the filthy seedy brothel that your mother had the misfortune of sitting upon.

Phil Bradbury

hello son, you're doing great work with the chemtrail awareness - keep up the great work you're like a chip of the old block. If you say the talky parts in a Harry Enfield style funny cockney accent you might see a funnier side to the post. If not I'll delete the post on request. Should of seen her posing most o night though, seriously.

SRM Solar radiation management Geoengineering

Phil Bradbury There is no such thing as "chemtrails" Chemtrails are a conspiracy theory.

Phil Bradbury

SRM is carried out by spraying chemical trails in to the atmosphere, leaving trails of chemicals behind hence the word chemtrails.

Solar radiation management (SRM) projects are a type of climate engineering which seek to reflect sunlight and thus reduce global warming. Proposed methods include increasing the planetary albedo, for example using stratospheric sulfate aerosols.
Solar radiation management - Wikipedia

SRM Solar radiation management Geoengineering

Phil Bradbury I'm a climate scientist at the Tyndall research centre. As I've stated "chemtrails" is a conspiracy theory. Why don't you post the Wikipedia description of "chemtrails?"

Phil Bradbury

Can we please have some more sunshine?

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perfect enemy

I love her !


Ryan Voorhies

looks like such a fun time


Nickolas Garcia

does this song have a name


Gabriel Lucas

casual outfit

Els Rulmyn

The coolest

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  1. Hi #Bjork, just letting you know that severely messed up in the head/evil #SRM scientists like your stuff (besides legends like myself) … You may want to do something about that like questioning environmental groups about why they don't say anything about it


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