Tuesday, 10 May 2016

V-Day: Ignore the neocons and remember the 27mn


May 9 is Victory Day – the day that Russia commemorates the tremendous sacrifice made by the people of the Soviet Union in the Great Patriotic War.
Many nationalities took part in the fight against the Nazis, but no single country shed anywhere near as much blood as the Soviet Union. Overall, 27 million Soviet citizens lost their lives in the war. Yes, that’s right: TWENTY-SEVEN MILLION. There’s no typo.
Yet today, for geopolitical reasons, the enormous contribution that the Soviet Union made to the defeat of Hitler’s forces is being deliberately – and shamefully – downplayed by elites in the west.
Western leaders boycott World War Two commemorative events held in Russia.
Anti-Russian neocon propagandists, whose voices dominate the media and whose books always get enthusiastic reviews and endorsements from fellow hawks, equate Nazi Germany – the clear aggressor in World War Two – with the Soviet Union, the country that was fighting for its survival and which only wanted to be left alone.
Hollywood meanwhile relentlessly pushes the line that it was the US – and the western allies alone – who won the war. Disgustingly, and quite scandalously, the deaths of 27 million people are being airbrushed out of history.

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