Sunday, 15 January 2017

Always remember: Owen Jones knew everything he has ever said about Syria and Julien Assange was false!

( so did every other presstitute to be fair )

Syricide@Syricide Jan 13
, an hostage for 2 yrs in drops bombshell on Islamists started revolution, not peaceful protestors

"Spontaneous" uprisings always seem to have the "unknown gunmen" factor.

John Kerry admitting the American government hoped their beloved ISIS
would be in control of Syria by now!

"No popular revolution". Western media lies. How narratives killed the Syrian people

Julian Assange: US & Israel Planned To Overthrow Assad In 2006

While Western warmongers claim & killing "civilians", US Def Dep ADMITS ; major force

Come on Mr explain why BBC’s charity was working to subvert Syria & destabilise Assad using BBC money & facilities

The CW weapons attack on Ghouta Damascus was carried out by Obama backed AQ terrorists,
 as CIA quickly realized

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