Friday, 17 February 2017

Imagine if you didn't watch South Park or have the desire/ability to do your own research, you probably wouldn't have a clue what's going off in the world

RT Calls Out Corporate Media Fake News from Aleppo Syria

Thousands celebrated being liberated from terrorists in Syria as corporate media runs fake news about war crimes against civilians.

Earlier today RT was running live news reports from Aleppo as they typically do announcing today that the conflict at the heart of the Syria civil is finally coming to end.
Live streams show thousands celebrating finally being liberated from the terrorists.

Yet less than 1 square mile of of Aleppo remains under control of the Syria terrorist rebels the corporate media was reporting that more than 100,000 people remain under siege trapped inside of eastern Aleppo, claiming all kinds of exaggerate claims about supposed war crimes.

Corporate Media runs fake news claiming to be from Aleppo Syria while having no reporters on the ground while RT live streams coverage of liberated civilians finally celebrates peace after years of conflict.
To put this outrageous claim into perspective, seen in the lower right-hand screen shoot from CNN in the image above, the corporate media is claims there are 100,000 people inside of the less than 1 square mile area that the terrorists still control.
This would be an area of a square with sides of about 1,000 paces and you would need 1 person every just about every 16 feet in all directions to pack this many people into such a small area.

Corporate media claims civilians are fleeing deeper into rebel held areas yet the rebels in Aleppo while the rebels control less than 1 square mile which is supposedly already packed with 100,000 civilians.
Clearly Reuters photo shows the rebel-held area is no where as near as jam packed with trapped civilians as the the corporate media claims. Odds are this picture is actually of people finally liberated from years of being held captives by the terrorists.
Yet uncritical readers and viewers will believe the corporate media lies not even thinking to question how this many people can be packed so tightly into such a small area which is an active war zone because it still controlled by the terrorists.

Clearly the corporate media is once again lying, spreading more fake news propaganda to incite wars for the benefit profits the military industrial complex as the U.S. comes under fire for war crimes in Yemen and Mosul where airstrikes kill civilians on a daily basis.
That in turn buys off more politicians to wage more wars which in turn drives up their sinking ratings and drives up corporate media revenue obtained from their monopoly over the $60 billion a year online advertising industry.
At one point, earlier today Aleppo was the top trend on Twitter which was odd because typically the top trend is accompanied by a news report, viral articles online or some television show.
Instead, today’s tweets were also false propaganda apparently from an army of twitter bots controlled by some facet of a U.S. intelligence agency.
Actual users on twitter began immediately debunking many of the images being spread as being images from past articles from other U.S. conflicts in areas such as Iraq and Libya.

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