Wednesday, 15 February 2017

what you should know about the Saudi warcrimes in #Yemen

Since March 26, 2015, a coalition of rich countries is bombing & imposing a blockade on Yemen, the poorest country of the Middle-East.
More than 12,000 people have been killed, millions of people are starving, million of people are displaced.
More than 21,000,000 persons need humanitarian aid.

After over a year of media black out, we can find these days a lot of biased and misleading info on Mainstream media.
You'll find below a few important points that everyone should know about the man-made disaster taking place in Yemen. Videos, articles and tweets.
Please break the silence.

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➨ Who's bombing the Yemeni people ?

➨ Why Saudis derailed imminent Yemen deal with airstrikes
by Joe Lauria - Independent international affairs journalist, UN correspondent.

➨ Why yemen matters
Saudi Coalition's big 10 reasons to control Yemen

➨ Why million people are starving
The humanitarian disaster is due to @UN's resolution 2216* imposing a blockade on Yemen (usually importing 90% of its food).
@UNGeneva must lift the siege immediately to save millions of lives.

➨ Why such a little media coverage of what's happening in Yemen ?
Saudi Kingdom's foreign media manipulation strategies : "contain & neutralise"

➨ "The Houthis are an Iranian proxy" : a FALSE & MISLEADING narrative
by Muhammed Ali Carter - Journalist

>> About US & UK's involvement <<

#StopArmingSaudi is not enough : to shut down the Saudi airstrikes killing civilians in Yemen, US & UK must WITHDRAW tactical & military support.

➨ US / Saudi warcrimes in Yemen exposed
By Caleb maupin - Journalist and activist

➨ Catalogue of Britain's involvement in Yemen
(A must read)

➨ Why is the US helping saudi arabia kill civilians in Yemen ?

➨ Lies, mistruths and mass murder in Yemen
by Peter Oborne - Journalist and Author,

➨ The US / UK-backed #Saudi-led coalition has commited many warcrimes in 19 months. Most of them are documented here (graphic content)

➨ The US / UK-guided Saudi double-tap strikes often kill civilians & rescuers.
Jan. 2016;amp;
Sanaa 08/10/16

>> debunking the Saudi / US war propaganda <<

➨ about #USSMason
another US False flag ? make your own opinion

➨ Was a missile fired at Mecca ?
The Saudi war from an Australian perspective
by Michael Brull;utm_medium=twitter&amp;utm_source=socialnetwork

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