Wednesday, 16 November 2016

A man shouts racial slurs in a Seattle Starbucks. A big issue compared to destroying the middle east if you're a liberal

This is exactly why so called liberals bare a huge responsibility for current global turmoil. Trying to make big issues out of extreme micro incidents like this, then giving the green light to destroy the middle east etc etc by turning a blind eye to it, or voting in Neocon puppets like Bush, Obama and thankfully not HRC. In summary you've 'fought' and settled for the right to marry a coloured but-plug etc etc at the expense of the global genocidic macro racism you've nurtured. 

Twitter bans "alt-right" accounts while promoting someone who imprisons gays, enslaves women and children. Classic leftist hypocrisy!

USA spends $500M on training up a handful of ''rebels' whose weapons end up with IS, so the UK does the same!

Confirmation of ISIS being USA controlled   

 Clinton and ISIS funded by same money

'FUCK the EU' - "America has spent $5Billion to secure Ukraine's resources for the U.S." (it's ours now) says U.S. Spokeswoman!

Sponsor a head-chopper, why not?


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