Friday, 18 November 2016

Does Stephen Hawking really think such things? Or is his body being used by the Neocons to pave the way for the destruction of other planets!!

Stephen Hawking is just being used to increase spending on space exploration, if you don't understand that you are as deluded as a liberal Clinton fan. If supposedly the most intelligent man on earth says we are all doomed people are going to listen, and do anything for their selfish genes to survive. Primarily this involves condoning unlimited resources for space programs, money that should be spent on sustainable earth projects such as solar power, education (especially of women) and on how to have pleasure without plundering or getting off on literally staring in to space.
 So if you fancy a future where we'd all be better off, not just people who have no interest in life on a great planet, what you gonna do about it?

Get involved, don't just dissolve!
Quell the 'alien' invasion, #stoptheneocon1nation

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