Monday, 28 November 2016

Hummingbird Project in Buxton exposed as an IS propaganda outlet


Hummingbirds please sign and share... It is with great sadness that I can report that the merciless and consistent bombings in Eastern Aleppo is preventing any aid getting in. The result = 250,000 people including 100,000 children face imminent starvation..... by Christmas. Please Sign and Share this petition with everyone you know xxxx

As you may be aware, the situation in Syria has become critical this week. Aid is being blocked from reaching major cities, Russian and Assad forces have heavily…




Phil Brindley Looks like you lot are the only people to have signed it. Its absolutely shameful misinformation / propaganda you're spreading that only people in the darkest corners of westminster, the dailly mail and Buxton etc would desperately want to believe. Even americans now know who is responsible for the siege of East Aleppo and what the destruction of Syria etc is all about . Meanwhile your beloved IS who you know full well are a huge majority of the 250.000 or so people left there require more mannequins and dead chickens to keep up the facade ISIS are going to be so pissed off with you lot when they find out you are not virgins!

“Syria breaks terrorist stranglehold on East Aleppo. 10,000 civilians flee rebels today. #alQaedaLosingAleppo”|By Senator Dick Black


Jo Gregory Phil please don't offend our group by suggesting that they are not educated in these matters. This is something that the vast majority of us have researched also at great length. Our group is about helping people and whilst we are obviously aware of all the plots and sub plots surrounding the Syrian crisis, we have also extensively researched where our aid goes to, especially to those still in need in Syria. Dropping needed aid into Syria is what this particular post was about, and helping people (and not blindly as you would like to think us) is what we are about as a group... The rest Phil, I'm afraid is just white noise x
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Phil Brindley I've had some pathetic responses in my time but that really is the worst. Your reply suggests you haven't even read the petition you're promoting!! I'll save you the time, it states "Russian and Assad forces have heavily increased their air strikes, targeting and destroying the only remaining hospital in Eastern Aleppo" 1, Google 'only hospital left in East Aleppo' its been said a thousand times over the past, 2 years by presstitute media 2. Russia hasn't conducted an air strike in East Aleppo for over 3 weeks, 3. Research the words misinformation, propaganda, brainwashed and get back to me (in less than 30 seconds this time) about how you can be put under these headings! So try reading my links before commenting in future, done research my arse, you just turn on BBC and get all moist at the thought of having meaning in your lives. Convenient that you're wanting an air drop just as all the civilians are leaving, so your future IS husbands don't starve!. I've followed your group from the start, met you all and not once have you shown any remote interest in Syria or critisised its openly western backed invaders.

Jo Gregory Right, regardless of your opinions we will not tolerate abuse in this group. If you want to carry this on feel free to PM me. Other than that I'm afraid we will be removing you. Thanks phil


Phil Brindley #truthhurts


Kids get rewarded with new clothing for their compliance. Meanwhile real kids are suffering in Aleppo

Syrian govt forces liberate about 40% of east Aleppo from terrorists – Reconciliation Center

John Delacour@JohnDelacour 6 hours ago
Absolutely diabolical perversion of the truth by PLEASE RETWEET

Kerry making ‘unbelievable effort’ to save Syrian rebels from Trump, Russia confirms

Sarah Abdallah@sahouraxo Nov 19
That awkward moment when the last hospital in east Aleppo has already been destroyed by Putin & Assad about a million times before

Mainstream media wants you to be outraged at this ‘Holocaust’ Ice dance by Putin aide’s wife

Can lies sink any lower? These people were shot by "rebels" when they tried to flee from E Aleppo NOT killed by Syria's army


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