Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Political analyst cracks up under the pressure to conform

Despite every major MP saying The BREXIT vote would result in us leaving the EU and Single Market, Robert Peston told Nigel Farage he was wrong to say that they did say it.

Bizarrely, Peston then re-posted a Nigel Farage tweet containing a video montage of all the leading MPs confirming Farage's facts; accompanied with text saying it was hilarious that Farage is quoting Cameron to back his facts.

There is nothing hilarious about it though, just  extremely basic plain facts that somehow baffled ITV's main political analyst.
This came the day after he talked of Russia' expansionism as if it was true, and a real threat to the British Public (which obviously they have to say and keep repeating or be sacked); but its just more proof we don't have journalists anymore (except for whistle blowers), just really stupid people who do exactly what they are told - all machines malfunction and break down eventually though!


For those people who think Russia is trying to take over the world; you need to replace the word Russia with USA!

Robert Peston@Peston 3 hours ago
A barney about whether we voted to leave single market or "just" EU on June 23. citing in support is hilarious

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